Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rap video and El Cristo Redentor.


It has been crazy. We were living in the apartment for a few days without actually paying any rent. Somehow the company's bank account was frozen because the bank needed to verify that the funds were not illegals. The landlord of the apartment didn't want to get the rent in dollars so we had to get the money in Reais. Let me tell you, that was crazy. We had to wait for two or three days to get cash, because you are not allowed to withdraw more than $1200 at day per person. It was crazy.
We had all this cash  in hand. I have never seen so many bills. We don't use cash at all, everything is in credit cards.
I had a nagging idea that wasn't leaving my mind:  Make a rap video with all the money.  Of course, when the time came, Jared didn't let me use all the cash to make it rain.  It was fun. I love the boys faces, trying to look cool. haha.

My little Milo loves to hang out with me, specially when I am trying to take a nap. 

Boutique Salon wow

I have dyed my hair all posible color since 2013. I have so much hair that it is crazy, even with my thyroid disease and chunks falling everyday, I still have a lot of hair. The last time I dye my hair, it was with a semipermanent color which made my hair look green. It was crazy.
I made an appointment at a boutique Salon WOW. As soon as I get there, my first thought is: "Well, this is a white person salon."  No one looked like me, except for the main stylish. He was a very flamboyant man, around 5'1, brown skin, a little bold, hipster beard and a black manicure. 
 I take off my hair cap, you can see my hair looks like a rat nest from a mile away. He doesn't seem to wanted to do my hair.  I sat on the chair wearing a black robe and my hair looks at this point like one huge dreadlocks. The stylish touches my hair with a look on his face that reads fear and disgust. 
I don't blame the poor guy. I also hurt my neck and shoulder so I didn't feel like maneuvering with my curly hair. He detangled my hair, it hurt. He cut a a lot of hair, because It was so damaged. He colored. He put a treatment on it and gave me a fancy haircut. It was an amazing  experience including his face of disgust that never went away. 
I heard him speaking in Portuguese saying that he had never seen someone with so much hair in his life. He did a great job. I was at the salon for four hours. It was pricey but so worth it.
He earned the biggest tip.

Cristo Redentor.

We went to see El Cristo Redentor.  We took the train which stops 5 times to get there. It was a beautiful ride but it was humid! After you get to the top, you can either take the stairs to go to the very top on the elevator. Which one do you think Jared made me take? In 100% humidity and full sun?  We were all shinny in all the photos because of the sweat. No, I haven't lost any weigh because we eat out everyday.
There were three of four restaurants at the top and many gift shops. We also got to see a monkey in his natural habitat.

 We have been really lucky in this trip. We still have two more months to go. The boys are learning so much about different cultures which will help them to have a bigger perception of the world around them. We live in a hipster town with many tiny restaurants, bodegas, art galleries, yoga studios, and museums.  Mario and Milo are enjoying the experience so much as we are.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day and our new apartment.

This is the view of our new place. We are in the last floor.

Gorgeous views

The lobby of our building.

We rode in the smallest car I have ever seen. The driver freaked out when he saw all our luggage but helped us to fit it all in. I was laughing so hard. We were all

Father's Day.

After church, we took Jared to eat. We don't so normally break the sabbath but we didn't have any food in our hotel aparment. 
The boys actually made Jared breakfast. I'm so proud of both of them for coming up with this idea by themselves.

More fried food. I'm honestly craving vegetables and water. I'm this close
Of never drinking juice ever again in my life. 
 I took Mario for a date. We had breakfast at a tiny cafe and it was so fun. We walked around and went grocery shopping. 
For lunch, the whole family went to another cafe with really cheap cheap food.

We got invited to the June festival at church. We had a great time. We danced a type of square dancing with Brazilian music and ate to our hearts content.

Milo was fishing and he got a yo yo. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Houston and Brazil.

Swimming is so much fun. I am so grateful for these memories. 

Sunday at church. Ethan McQueen sat with us. I love that little boy so much, like if he was one of mine. He is very loving like Mario and Milo. We took a zoolander selfie at church  to remember this sweet moment.

One of my friends at church work for a video game company and let us preview one of the virtual reality games. It was crazy. It looks so real.  In one part, I was ready to scream and run away.  I was under water in a cage surrounded by sharks. We are getting one as soon as they come out.  How great is to have friends that will let you preview new game systems.

My last spinning class at the JCC. This is Judy, she is a pro at spinning classes and has been doing it for the last 14 years. She is very bossy and always corrects my posture. I really love her. We are wearing our super hero theme t-shirts. It was super hero week at the JCC.

Monday was Milo's last day at the children's cove. He is very popular because he is one of the oldest children. 

 Avi works at the Jcc. He is my valet parking guy. Everyday, Milo and Avi add a new step to their dance and this is what they come up with.

Ready to go to Brazil.

Our connecting flight from Houston to Rio left without us. We were very annoyed, but we made the best of it and went to the children's museum the next day. Our uber driver was so nice and genuine. He took us to get dinner because he knew we had a rough day.

At the children's museum in Houston. 
Milo couldn't believe how awesome it was. He couldn't wait to climb inside the play structure.

The museum was really nice and the activities were engaging. Mario and Milo enjoyed building circuits and getting shocked by the van de graaf generator.

Mario also learned about the stock market. He was a stock broker and learned how to buy and sell stock.

Good morning. My name is Mario Hobbs and these are breaking news.

We even learned about little chickens. We haven't seen chicken in a very long time. The boys were smitten with the pollitos. They were so cute and fluffy. I am the black one, Jared is the white one and Mario and Milo are the brown pollitos. 

We made it to Rio de Janeiro. Our flight was 9 hours and it was great.  Milo went to the bathroom by himself and didn't know how to get out. He started screaming, I didn't hear him. I was far and Jared was stuck in a middle sit.  I was very out of it. I have a very nasty cold and I took a mixture of cold medicines and sleeping aids.  It hasn't work out. I am still sick.
The flight provided us with dinner, dessert and breakfast.  When we arrived to Rio, the flight attendant gave me a welcomed package from first class. It had a bunch of products with the Olympics logo.

We went to a little cafe two doors down from our airbnb. We had juice and some pastries for dinner.
I look really sick in this photo but I won't hide my puffy face because the fun part about life is to embrace the inconvinient moments with a smile.

Mario and Milo got to sleep together. I woke up earlier and saw this cute image. 

Our airbnb in Botafogo.

The view from our living room.

We have been looking for apartments. We went to see a really nice apartment to  Flamengo, and this is the beach next to it.  Botafogo beach.

We went to Botafogo mall. We walked down that tunnel. Jared walks faster than me and Mario. We were like 15 feet behind him and some weird guy was following me very close. I knew his intentions, I open my purse and grabbed my pepper spray. He saw me and slowed down.  One block later, I told Jared what happened. He had no idea.  What I noticed that in Rio you can have fun, but you have to be aware of your surroundings.  

The first day, we went to a weird grocery store. They didn't accept credit, only debit cards. It was total chaos and not fun at all. The second day, we found a really nice grocery store called Pau de acucar. It was perfect. 

We also found many chocolate stores. We tried some chocolate that taste like bubble gum. Really weird.


It has been a great three days in Rio. We are having a blast. We have been speaking a mixture of Spanish, English and bad portuguese.  We have been lucky enough to meet fun friendly people in this trip. I will be posting more photos in the next two months. I can believe that we get to live here for two months!