Saturday, November 28, 2015

November photos.

 We went to a fund raising party dress as super heroes. It was super fun. 


Another amazing photo of my soccer super star. 

This is my mother and my uncle Fido when she was 17 years old. I look just like her.

Jared's parents were here for a conference at one of the labs. It was nice seeing Jared's parents.

Thanksgiving was fun. Mario had a little meltdown over nothing, but he got over it pretty soon.
Thanksgiving dinner was beautiful and tasty.

The day after Thanksgiving, we set up our Christmas tree. This is a new Christmas' tree that changes colors. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 14th: Mario's baptism.

Saturday November 14th was a special day for our family. We had the opportunity to be part of Mario's baptism. I'm so happy and glad that he has the chance to be an official member of the church.
Mario was baptized by Jared and he was confirmed by his grandfather Michael Hobbs.
This is going to be our family's tradition. Jared was baptized by his father and confirmed by his grandfather. It was a very sweet and spiritual service, these are a few details of how the service went:
Celestine's musical number was very sweet and spiritual. Everyone was singing along to the song Baptism. Michael's talk was very meaningful and one of the highlights of his talk was the story about the girl that he left waiting for an answer to go to a dance. Mike felt awfully bad for making this girl wait for his answer. He also shared with Mario the joys and comfort that the Holy Ghost has brought into his life and what a huge blessing it is to have him as a comforter.

 We took this photo before the service started. I should have taken a photo of Mario with his baptism jumpsuit and all of us but this one is good too. Mario and Milo look very sharp in their clothing.

Mario and Milo sang "I know that My Savior Loves Me". It was beautiful. Milo sang with Mario during the first verse and later he let Mario sing the second verse by himself. 

Mario got baptized with his friend Lani.

Mario's best friend Jason came to support Mario. 

Yummy cupcakes to end this beautiful activity.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


We went to the Oakland Temple to take photos for Mario's baptism invitations. There is nothing I can say but wow. He is gorgeous.

My boys, the ones that inspired me to be better.

This gorgeous sophisticated child is mine...oh and Jared's too.

I'm so proud of him :)

Milo wanted to be a baby bat.  I couldn't find a costume and amazon prime wasn't going to be able to deliver on time. I made him this cute costume. He was so adorable. 
Mario was Darth vader, his favorite star wars character.

I love Halloween in Palo Alto!
We went to get candy and in a house we got a free polaroid photo of the boys. In another house there was free wine for the grown ups to make this day more exciting right? I love this town. It is expensive but everyone is so fun.