Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall is perfect!

I love taking photo of me and the my boys. They are growing so fast. I often find myself feeling sad that they are not little. Milo is not a baby anymore. He can write his name and he can almost read.  I think about the poem "Rock me to Sleep" by Elizabeth Akers Allen:

 ".. O time, O time , go back in flight, 
and let them be my little children
 for just one more night."

Moving to Palo Alto was hard for me. Emotionally speaking  and o physically I got very heavy because I have been so anxious about our future and where we are heading. I have been praying and working on myself.  A few months ago I had the impression that I should stop worrying and embrace it. After I did that things seems to have fell in place. I have girlfriends, like real women. I am enjoying their company because they inspired me and their friendship are free of contention and competition. I can't believe that after 11 years living in the USA  I have finally found my group of people.

Mario and Milo are so stylish. I am teaching them the importance of taking  good care of yourself and how you look. Of course being a good person is important but in this life first impression are forever.
Yes, they dress themselves. 

My new balayage hair. 

Mario was re -learning how to ride his bike. He is so awesome, that bike weights at least 10 pounds more than he does.

My 31st Birthday

My friends got together to celebrate me on my 31st Birthday. They are so wonderful.  Most of them are LDS, and one of them is one of the mom's from Mario's school.They are young like me, fun and we have the same sense humor. 

The morning of my birthday, the boys came to our room with presents. They sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me many hugs and kisses. I feel very love.

This little guy is my super soccer player. 

Mario's school always have great activities to help the environment. We participated on the Ride and Roll week in which we came to school using our bikes and scooter. Every little thing counts to help help our planet.

Palo Alto Children's Museum.
Palo Alto Art Center: Art Gallery.

Halloween preparations: FHE activity.

The Grandparents came to visit! This was a great visit because The Hobbs's grandparents got to see Mario becoming a Cub Scout. Celestine (MIL) was kind enough to bring clothing for Milo and Mario. She also brought them Disney infinity characters, toys and candy. The boys were in heaven. 

We took the grandparents to eat ice cream. Mike was surprise of how pricey it was and how "big" the portions were. He couldn't believe it.

Foothills Park
We went for a hike with Celestine at Foothill's park. This park is so peaceful and beautiful. As we were hiking, my mother in law kept making a few passive aggressive comments about me not wearing my garments when I workout. She told me that her Mother in law use to make comments about her not wearing her garments either and how bad she felt. I didn't understand why if she felt that bad, she will do the same thing to me? Don't I have feelings too?  Well, like you guys know I have a short fuse. As we were talking, I said a prayer inside my head asking Father to help me to keep my cool. I told her that it was my choice, meanwhile I was getting very angry and suddenly these words came to my head:"Charity is having patience with someone who has let us down, it is resisting the impulse to become offended easily. It is accepting weaknesses and shortcomings. It is accepting people as they truly are. It is looking beyond physical appearances to attributes that will not dim through time. It is resisting the impulse to categorize others.” Thomas S. Monson

I understand that some people choose to show that they care for you in a different way. In her own unique way, I know she cares. I am not writing this to disrespect my mother in law or make her look bad. I think my relationship with her will never be as smooth as I would like and that is okay. I am trying to be more Christ like and to not judge others. I am growing older and to my surprise I am getting wiser. I am learning to love everyone even when they fail me, disappoint me, or hurt me. No one says that this life was going to be easy.  I want to show my children to love everyone like the savior did. Even if you have to love them from a distance.
It is all about perspective. My world is not going to crumble because of other people's opinion of me. The only opinion that matters is the one of my Heavenly Father and I know that he loves me because I feel it. I hope this helps anyone who might need some perspective.

We also went to lunch at Pluto's and stop by Beam.  Beam is a store in which you can get your own robot so instead of having real employees you can get a robot with a person working remotely from home. My dad wants one too.

One of the perks of having my in laws here is that my MIL cooks so good. She made us peppers steaks with Asian rice and chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. We drank sparkling cider and listened to some fun music meanwhile the children were sleeping.

This is his official photo that says  I am a Cub Scout. 

He made a boat out of recycle materials for the regatta race? I don't know the official name of the event.

My cute family. They make me so happy.

This is our amazing bishop, Jason Peery. We went to his gorgeous house and we waited for Mario to finish his baptism interview. I can't believe he is getting baptized! This is a HUGE milestone for him. I am so proud of him and I know that he is an amazing child. Everyone loves him, he has a great testimony of the veracity of the gospel and he know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love him.

After the grandparents left, I took Milo for Indian food. This is Emerson Hobbs. She is Milo's best girlfriend.

Another dinner party with my friends. I love my social life here.

I also got an invitation to go to a samples sale for Sonnet James' dresses. My friend Whitney Bills is the designer. The dresses are usually $125 each but I got them for a great deal. These are the last season dresses but who cares? They are awesome! 
PS: I apologize for any grammar mistakes I made in any of my post. English is strange language for me. If you are bilingual you understand my struggle, if you are monolingual..gosh, learn another language lol.