Monday, January 26, 2015

Milo's 4th Birthday!

Milo's Birthday Party was an exciting event full of happy children and happy friends. We had an obstacle course which was so fun. I had a great time. I honestly don't enjoy children birthday parties but this one was different. 

We had the coolest cupcakes ever. We snack on Skittlest and cheese puffs, but the most popular snacks were the ring pops. The children loved them.

This was a photo of me showing the children the obstacle course.

Action shot

  The last part of the obstacle course. The children had to go thru a tunnel with their balloons without popping them. They all did a great job.

The prize for doing the obstacle course.

Super Heroes!

Happy Birthday Sweet Milo. You are getting so big!


 Mario socializing with Elsa and Beauty. He is a chick magnet:)

Spiderman club?

 Opening Presents.

 The birthday boy with his mami.

It was a fun day.  Jared dressed up like an evil sushi chef. Thank you Jared for taking the photos and for helping with everything. Milo loved his birthday party.

All the children  were so polite and well behaved. I honestly couldn't ask for a better group of friends for Milo.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baptism Preview Activity and Other News

This is a photo of my parents in Disneyworld with my sister and her family.

 I'm so glad that they get along so well. I love both of them. It is really cold in Pennsylvania by the way.

This month I was feeling a little fancy, so to speak. I have been snacking on crackers, Gouda cheese with prosciutto and pear. Heaven in my mouth.

Another update on my dad's office. My brother is an architect and he is remodeling the whole thing for free for my dad. He is such a good son.

These are the take home prizes for Milo's birthday party.  

New session of swimming classes.

Ice cream at Gelataio. 

I got invited to a surprise birthday party for my friend Colleen's 30th birthday. I was super excited because the invitation required everyone to wear black tie. The theme of the party was "The Casper's awards." Of course I didn't take Jared with me. He doesn't like that type of activity (he doesn't like to socialize when he doesn't have to or with people he is not related to.) That is totally fine with me as long as I have fun. It was a little bit strange at the beginning because I didn't have a date but I had blast. I enjoyed that party like if I was the birthday girl. 
I REALLY love my new friends here. They like to dress up and do all those fun things I like. 
 Note to self: I need a formal dress.

Staring at the cake.. I shouldn't eat it but meh. Eating gluten free is hard by the way. I keep cheating everyday.
The next day we went for another hike and of course Colleen came with us because she LOVES nature more than I do. Lol
Playing at the Patagonia store. 

Mario got a free bike from one of our neighbors. He is so excited. His bike is six speed Trek and black like he likes. He will learn how to ride his bike so he can go to school by himself.
Milo was a little jealous. He still doesn't know about his new bike. shhhh

 Mario is going to be 8 years old at the end of the year; it is time to get prepared to be baptised.
Sunday was the Baptism Preview activity so the children can learn about what to expect for this HUGE milestone. He looks like a six year old. Mario is so handsome and kind. He is unique and perfect in every way. 

Cake after the activity.

Socializing with some friends.

Mario and his friend Matthew.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Planning: Milo's First Birthday Party.

I don't care very much to do birthday parties but this is different.
Milo is turning 4 and he has never had a birthday party with friends and so on. I am so excited. 
I am planning a comic book theme super hero birthday party at the park.
Milo came with me to do a photoshoot in downtown. Yes. We are doing this. Exciting! 

Spiderman hanging upside down.

Cutest Spiderman ever!

Watching over the city.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

January 1st

There is always something exciting about the first day of the year. The city looked so empty, everyone was sleeping off the hard partying of New Year's Eve. 

Jared and I stayed home for New Year's Eve.We ordered sushi, drank sparkling apple cider. We did some Hispanic traditions to receive the year, just me and Jared. We poured water on the front door. Received the year with money in our hands and turned on a candle(electrical candle), and we were going to run around our apartment building holding suitcases.I got too lazy to do the last one.These are non sense traditions to bring good luck. Better safe than sorry.

January 1st.
In the morning we played this game with the boys. Everyone takes a turn pushing the sticks on the balloon. The person who pops the balloon loses.

Another hike to start the year healthy. We walked around a 5k. We went to REI and got two camel hidration backpacks for the boys. They love their tiny backpacks.
I'm also going to get them those ugly pants like the ones that Jared wears just for hiking of course.
Mario refuse to get a haircut. I think I will get him a male headband. He looks good wearing it. He has so much hair and so curly. Very European of him. I love Mario and Milo chestnut hair color. I'm getting there, I just need to keep matching my hair color to their color.

 After that we went to In-n-Out  I had a burger wrap in lettuce with onions. No cheese, sauce or bread with water of course. The boys had milkshakes, burgers and fries. 

It was an excellent first day of the year.

Before I forget. My brother is having a huge surprise for my dad.
He is remodeling my Dad's office. Julito is replacing the floors, the walls, putting new windows..My dad will be so surprise when he returns home from vacation. I can't wait to see his reaction. Here are some progress photos:
This one was the first day.
In progress:

January 2nd

Second hike of the year followed by an amazing early dinner.

Mario doesn't like sitting on the floor.