Wednesday, March 18, 2015

These are some cute shots of me and the boys. Mario was going to his first school field trip to an aviation museum. 

Leo's Birthday party.

This week is our last week for swimming. We are exploring new possibilities and Karate is one of the sports Milo is very interested in.  I honestly just need a break from afternoon activities at least for a few weeks.

Jared took Mario to his first hockey game. Shark vs Penguins.  Mario had a great time.

I am also having a great time discovering new places to get haircuts. I found a new hair salon that pretty much stole my hair. I went with my  curly hair and got the best blowout ever.  I can't compared it to NM because I never had one there. I'll stay with my lighter hair color until the fall. 

A night out with my friend Charlotte.

Ice Cream after school.

Video camera outside our place.

Jack's Birthday Party.
(Lego theme)

Spring is taking over. Pretty and so itchy. We have really sensitive skin.

Working on swimming the whole lap and working on his free style. He will get there.