Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall in Palo Alto.

I am learning to love this fast pace life and trying to always find things to do with our family. It is exciting to be part of new things everyday. This week we got ready for another of Mario's school fund raising activities: The school book fair and the Hoedown.  

 I bought Mario some new sunglasses and flip flops and he likes his new cool look.  He also likes the song "I wish I could be like the cool kids." We heard the song once on the radio, and he remembered it the whole day. He told me that the song was catchy. 
I bought myself these overalls for the school hoedown and I am loving them so much. They are so comfortable. 


At the beginning of the school year, we wrote checks for the amount of money we are allowing Mario to spend in the book fair and other things. When the book fair started he didn't have to actually have money with him because there was a gift certificate already placed under his name. Pretty smart. 
Milo also got a book. 

I have some videos of Mario reading and Milo can recognize all the alphabet (3 1/3 years old) and NOW he is working on learning the lowercase letters of the alphabet. He likes to learn, but he is challenging because he is stubborn. Especially when he doesn't want to do something.

The boys love to walk around downtown at night time, but most of all they love the apple store. The ipads are a must every time we go in there. Last week, Jared got his new iphone so we are planning to give Mario his old iphone for his seventh birthday. The battery on the iphone hasn't been working so we went to the apple store to get it repaired. 
After that we went to Pluto's for dinner. Pluto's is a sandwich shop that our boys love too.

This picture was Thursday morning. The first rain of the fall. Mario and Milo were excited about wearing their new rain boots and tiny umbrellas. I love to get cute little things like that for them. After I took Mario to school, me and Milo stayed outside jumping in the puddles of water for about 5 minutes. Later we went inside and read some books and spent some precious one on one time together. This time is not for cleaning, it's not for watching tv or doing anything else. Just for me and him to talk about anything. I do the same with Mario.

I bought these cute new glasses for me too. I look smoking hot ;)  Coolest part, I don't even need glasses 20/20 still here.


The school Hoedown is here! Most people were dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls. The food was really tasty, organic and everything was done in an orderly manner. I was glad that I was there. I couldn't erase the smile off my face. I am so grateful to be here. I was hesitant at the beginning but this is a wonderful place for the boys to grow up. I might never be financially wealthy like I want to be (idk), or even own another house but Mario and Milo will have great life experiences and that is something I can promise them. 
Life is so annoying. When I moved to the USA this was the kind of life I wanted to have, but Jared didn't want that. He wanted the house, the blah blah blah. I remember I begged him to move to another city so many times.  After many years I finally learned to love New Mexico and the slow pace. I even got to live in the city I love which was Santa Fe (I hated ABQ) and boom, we had to move because you have to go where you can find jobs in your area.  Now we are pretty much living the type of life I wanted when I was 19 years old, but now I am 29 years old, actually 30 in a few more days with 2 kids. I honestly didn't learn anything from that situation but to follow your gut always because Heavenly Father will always put you back where you are meant to be. One part of me still wants to be in Santa Fe, but I am still trying to learn where do I really belong. Enough of my crazy talk. Let's see where this journey takes us.

I mean, seriously handsome.

Mario and his friends Max and Vincent.
Mario doesn't like to play rough so he doesn't participate in those type of games, he finds them very "immature." His words, not mine.


After the gym and swimming classes, went to Costco, had lunch, watched a movie at home and later headed to an open house.

He totally looks Japanese. I mean, that is so crazy. 

We got to the open house for the new library in Palo Alto. We enjoyed the tour and everything is so modern and gosh, it is like living in the future but now. The library will actually open on December 6th.

My cute social butterflies that refused to talk to anyone but kept eating the owl cookies. My cute little hillbillies at heart. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Adventure.

The boys asked for pedicures. I gave them halloween colors because it is fun. Why not.
This friday was national talk like a pirate day. We dressed up like pirates and went to Krispy Kreme and got a dozen donuts each. They were both very happy.

I have been networking with women and learning about business, maybe someday I can have my own business.

So I missed the delivery of Jared's iPhone in the morning so I went at night time to pick it up at the Ups distribution center. He was pretty happy when he came home the next morning from camping with the boys.

They boys got me some cute flowers because they love me.

Jared and his huge new phone. 

Picture of the boys and Jared camping. 

We went to our Mario's Jon Jon birthday party. It was fun.

Tonight we also went to Elliot Caspers' birthday party. It was fun too. I was taking pictures meanwhile the boys were running around with friends.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Grade Picture.

One of Mario's school friend is moving to Pasadena California. Her parents are so awesome. I just met Sofia's mom today and I am just totally heart broken. She is super cool. Sofia's dad is Mexican  and he was living in London for the last 10 years or so. I just love how I get to met people from everywhere. I guess it is teaching me that I don't have to stay in the same place all the time.
So as a farewell present, I am taking a classroom picture for Sofia and for Andrea who is Sofia's Aid in the classroom. These are Mario's friends. They are all so silly.
I will also post pictures of the book fair next week. I will be volunteering with Milo and I am also helping with the yearbook. I am excited.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Outdoor Dinner

These are Ella and Daphne. They are the boys best pals. They ride their bikes with the boys, play together, and last night they had dinner together. The girls eat really  healthy, Mario and Milo were having a yakisoba from Costco. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Learning to Love Palo Alto.

I keep blogging because this I pretty much our family journal. 

Mario is part of the walking club at his school. So far Mario has walked around 10 miles in recess. He got a necklace for his achievement. Mario doesn't say much about what is going on in his school but everyday I meet new people who keep talking wonders about him.  Mario is also writing short stories for me. He has a great imagination. I promised him that after he gets all the stories together, we are going to make a book.

This morning at 6am. I woke up and this is how I found them. I wonder since what time they have been up.
Chores and pizza. They work hard. I am trying to teach them to do chores everyday. Mario and Milo are growing really fast and by doing chores, it will help them to be more responsibles and learn about hard work.

This is the perfect prize for their hard work. Pizza and soda.

This is my three dollar passion fruit. Ridiculous.

Milo loves to watch tv and tell me about all the wonderful things he wants. He has a huge list of toys thanks to Disney Channel brainwashing him.

The boys are still going to swimming classes. I hope this time they would swim by themselves. It is frustrating for me. I feel that learning how to swim is important. My parents dont know how to swim and they passed they non sense fear of swimming to me. it took me until I was 15 years old to learn how to swim and it was because of luck and because the tennis classes I was looking forward were too expensive for my parents financial situation.

A friend from church gave me this wonderful idea of giving the boys tickets everytime they accomplish a task. At the end of the week they boys can exchanged the tickets for money, or they can buy extra time to stay pass their bed time, to use their ipad for non educational games, or watch tv. My friend Lilly is a tiger mom. Her daughters are so independent, they make their own dinner, help with big chores at home. They are 8 and 9 years old. The girls speak chinese, they are runners, they are extremely smart (both are in my primary class.)
Mario and Milo are begging to do chores without complaining. It is exhausting because I am pretty much teaching them plus they both have homework time and reading time.
 He is so proud of his ticket. He cleaned the toilet so well, of course they wear gloves to clean everything.

Mario made this drawing of me. He even capture my Graves' eye. I am so proud of him.

These last few weeks I have been fighting body aches. I guess I am getting old. Last week I hurt my back and the week before it was my neck. Well, today I took another body pump class.  I am sore again. I can't even moved. After my class, I went to get Milo and he was doing puzzles. Meanwhile I was waiting for him to finish, one of the ladies that works there asked me about my life in Puerto Rico. Apparently Milo keeps telling everyone that we moved from Puerto Rico and that how much he loves Puerto Rico.  He really loved that vacation. Milo tells people too that he is from the Dominican Republic sometimes. I need to take him to the Dominican Republic.

After school, me and the boys went for a jog.
We did homework. Mario wrote his own schedule for the week.

After they finished their homework I took the boys for a swim. Jared joined us there to swim for a hour and later we did 45 minutes of Aqua Zumba. Still going strong.
When we arrived home, a book I got as a surprise for Mario about drawing was waiting at the door. He didn't seen to
care very much. I am tired. I took a body pump class, went running meanwhile the boys were riding their bikes, took the boys swimming and later an aqua Zumba class. I don't think I will be able to get up from bed tomorrow. Good night.