Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bikes, museum and shopping.

Because there is nothing else to do than race the boys in a tiny bike.
By the way, this is going to be my last post for a while or until Mario start his new school year. 
The boys in the next pictures are sorting dirty clothes. They do chores to pay me for the toys I bought them.
Mario pays me back by practicing his reading which he is really good at.

Milo giving me some carino.
The boys love to come with me to get produce at the European style outdoor market. 
Eating our organic vegetables. They do taste great.

Learning French. Maybe I will be lucky enough to move there with the boys, I don't have anything holding me here ;)

Today was hot. I needed to find a place with AC. I went to the Palo Alto children's museum with the boys. 
I don't like the praying mantis.
 Mario and his puppet.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A normal day with us.

There is a toy store we love so much, Ambassor Toys at town and Village outdoor mall. I love that store and the boys do too.
Mario and Milo know not to ask me for toys. Instead they ask me to tell Santa or the Easter bunny to bring them this or that toy. 
Yesterday we went to the toysyore and we found the cutes little stuffed animal. His name is pork chops and he is the new member of our family. I couldn't resist it, it was so fluffy.

I bought them a few toys. I know.. A little more debt won't kill us and they look so happy. 
When the boys granparents were here Mario kept asking me to take them there. I like how Mario's mind works.
My dad is coming in December so for sure I will take him to the store with the boys. He is pretty good at buying our love ;)
Milo got a dinosaur egg too,but pork chops is their baby.
Yesterday I gave the boys a haircut. Their hair is so different. Mario is my Asian child with curly hair and Milo is my Dominican child with straight hair.
Today we went to eat Indian food at my favorite place Tava. Jared got a burroti and I got this beautiful vegetable plate toped with chicken and Tika sauce and mild cilantro sauce too. Sounds healthy? No, the sauces killed the healthy part of it.
The boys had gourmet cupcakes from Kara's cupcakes.  The owner was on the food network Cupcake Wars. Milo and Mario loved them.

After that we went to the park and Milo crashed after so much sugar. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last Day with Jared's parents.

We took Grandma Pitcher and The Hobbs parents to a flower garden here in Palo Alto. We took some adorable pictures.

My sweet model boy.

After that, we went to eat at a burger restaurant follow by play time at Half Moon Bay Beach.
This is their "I'm so freaking excited!"
 face when their milkshakes got to the table.

The boys were so fun and behaved so well. They were so excited to play with their grandparents in the cold water.
After 20 minutes Milo's pants were so wet. He spend the rest of the time on his underpants with a gorgeous sweater.

Look at this glamorous woman. I love her sunglasses by the way.

Mario and Michael's favorite thing to do was to chase the seagulls. Weird? ..No. 

The water was super cold. Don't let it fool you. You can't compared water from the Caribbean with the water here.

Mario was almost washed away because the waves were too strong for him. He loved it. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Grandparents come to visit.

A few cute pictures of the M&M and me after church.

The boys grandparents (Hobbs side) came to visit. They brought the boys so many presents.
I think in this picture I asked everyone to look at the camera. ALL of them followed my instructions. 

The boys great grandmother Utako invited us for lunch. We had sushi and some beef.

The Hobbs grandparents bought us a rug for our living room too. I love that thing. I didn't even think of getting one but I love it. The best part, it was new and free to us.