Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tide Pool Week.

We got to speak two Sundays ago in Sacrament meeting. Our subject was based on modern prophets and how they can bring us closer to Christ. This is what I wore that Sunday. Cute.

Mario and Milo have really long hair which is fun for me because I can play with their hair. Their hair is beautiful and I pretty much take care of it like if they were little girls. 

Milo has been really busy with his homeschool. He is getting better at writing his name and counting. We speak Spanish more often now. I don't want my children to be the only monolingual children around here, which is ridiculous but if your children don't speak more than one language you are not doing your job, at least in this area.

On Thursday I had my eyelid retraction surgery. It went pretty quick. I was so relax and I LOVE the drugs my doctor gave me to relax because I was awake the whole time. I am not in pain, I just look like I was in a car accident.

Mario has been working on hard in school and learning about tide pools. Look at the wonderful tide pool Mario and his  classmate built. He also design his own shirt too.

The boys love to be in our room. They try to keep us busy so we push their bed time but at the end of the night, both of them fall sleep before 8:30 pm. Yes, our room is tiny.

I also was hired to take the pictures for 
I am still working on the pictures. It has been hard to edit them because I do rely on my left eye a lot and pretty much my eye is shut so I am half blind.
Here is the website 

Milo playing video games at Eshares meanwhile I was taking pictures.

 Like I mention before, Mario is learning about tide pools, so Jared surprised us which a trip to Fitzgerald  nature reserve at Moss beach so we can see all the wonderful sea creatures. It was raining and the rode was very slickly.

We went too far and got to go thru this cool tunnel.

We finally got there. It was exciting but scary. Everything was really slippery and worst today because it was raining. Please enjoy my pictures.

We saved two jelly fish. It was exciting.

A sea star!!

This is the way out of the nature reserve.

 We stopped at this cute fruit vendor at Half Moon Bay and got some strawberries and blueberries. I am planning to take the boys to pick up strawberries in May. I am excited. Allergic to strawberries but excited.

Life here is so busy and fast. I get overwhelmed very often because I am not use to a quick life style pace but I am sure doing awesome. There is always something going in on. I do enjoy doing absolutely nothing most of the time, it gives me time to reflect on this (which makes me miss Santa Fe a lot.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blogger in my phone.

Blogging now is so easy. I just do it from my phone. I  guess that is good for you guys so you know everything we are doing. Thank goodness for iPhones. I can't picture my life without one. 

We went to a hockey game. My first one. Penguins vs sharks. I loved it. I was having a blast with everyone. I love getting high five by strangers and listening to all the cray cray ( that means crazy for all the old folks out there) happening. I really don't need to drink to have fun, I think I have a natural state of "happy drunk" inside of me. 

Favorite dumb cartoon now: uncle granpa. He has a tiger that farts rainbows. 

We made it to church on time for day light savings. 

I'm doing my juicing again. Somehow I am getting smaller but my weight is not going down.

These are egg white muffins. Pretty good to eat.

And cardio which I hate. I love weight training so much better. 

For FHE we talked this week about Noah and the ark. We watched a Disney movie called "Father Noah and the ark." The boys loved it.

Mario is sick with a stomach flu. I love having them home. The boys love to be together.

Today is the third day of being sick, so we are going to do some homework. Mario is working on adding and substrating. His reading is getting pretty fluent, he is now more interested in drawing too. He is also working on perfecting the size of his letters when writing. Milo too is working on his motor skills by practicing tracing circles, lines and he knows mostly all the shapes. He sounds cute when he says pentagon.
Mario is upset because I erased his perfect M which was out of line. He will thank me later in life.
They work for 10 minutes at a time, they take a break to do whatever they want and later 10 more minutes of something different.

This week walmart delivered my groceries. Yes, walmart.

I am also getting ready to have eye surgery at the end of the month to fixed my eye that is affected by my Graves' disease. I am pretty excited about it. One less thing to worry. 

Someone posted this about and it helped me to deepen my understanding a little bit more about the gospel and to feel that I don't have to be perfect all time, it is not required of me. I just need to stay close to Christ and he will do the rest.

Milo doing yoga with me.

Mario made a Dominican dish (locrio de salchichas) for dinner for us. 

Now is Milo's turn to be sick :(