Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We have been decorating our place and because we live in an apartment we have to get creative. I have become a craft mom :/ The boys love that kind of stuff even if I dislike doing crafts. At least I am spending time with them. 

I took Milo with me to celebrate a birthday from someone from church. Milo was so excited.

I am still wearing my overalls. I love them and Milo asked to get him a pair too. 
For FHE we went to the melt. The most expensive cheese sandwich ever. The boys loved the place. Jared and I were just thinking, well this is our first and last time. Everything is organic, gluten free and the drink taste like the real stuff. I guess you have peace of mind knowing what type of foods you are putting in your body.
Milo is working hard on his homeschool assignments and trying to not have accidents. He gets distracted and forgets to use the bathroom.
The boys love Stanford mall. We went to the American doll store. They were the only boys there and they loved the stair case. They told me that it looks like it belongs in a castle. Too bad there is not an American doll action figure for boys. They had fun playing with the stuffed animals.
This week I have a school auction to go to with Jared and also a surprise birthday party for a friend. The invitation says, cocktail attire please. How cool is that.
 I have a lot of dresses but I wanted a new one. I took the boys to Bloomingdales. It was heaven. The place looks really nice and everybody was kind of stuck up, even the employees which is funny because that is minimum wage job. The quality of the clothes is amazing and believe me, I know my fabrics. Too bad I am too poor for a $400 dress :(  
Oh well, there is always Macy's.
"Baby, you are on my mind." 
That is me sweet talking to the dress.

Our new obsession is this cute book series. We got them at the library. We read them in a day. The boys love them.
Mario's birthday party supplies are here. He insisted on having a mad scientist party. He wants to be a scientist for now. He wanted to be a cop last year and I showed him the show cops. Hahaha. He doesn't want to be a cop anymore.