Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Birthday Club.

I was running so late to pick up Mario today. I got there 10 minutes late and he was waiting for me at the school office. He is always so patient, I apologized to him. Mario told me to not worry about it. There were other moms that were late too. Even when I am at fault, Mario makes me feel like everything is okay.
The birthday club is a really nice way for the children at Mario's school to be involved with reading.  Every child gets to endorse a book by having their name in it. He was so excited. I am so proud of him.

Today the boys were helping me to practice my photography. I think they are awesome.  I bought some clothes for them at Old Navy and H&M and they wore them so well. I got Mario his first suit and the store ran out of pants his size. Now I have a jacket with no pants for him. He loves it. Mario's favorite song "Cool Kids" was playing on my iPhone and the boys were enjoying their photo shoot.
I am practicing taking pictures with glasses. I am trying to learn the basics again. I am getting many photography jobs. My father in law always says, "I think it is the camera". Well, it is not. It is the photographer :) xo