Tuesday, August 12, 2014

School starts on the 19th so this is the last part of our summer. Mario is starting first grade. Milo and I are staying home and Milo is going to be taught by me until he is ready to go to school. Preschool is too expensive for us right now. This is us dancing merengue and Salsa. Mario and Milo love my crazy music.
They look so grown up and they do look great in dress clothes. Ready for church.
A rare moment with Jared. They are mami's boys.
I got the boys watches! Mario is sharing the time with me every few minutes.
After working out. I am pooped and ready for a nap. I wish I had a driver. Milo is tempting me with cookies. Mario took this picture. 
Mario can buckle himself and Milo into their car seats. They are so independent and cute.
The boys and their frozen yogurt. They get yogurt once at week.

Milo got his new front teeth crowns! He had a big cavity between his front teeth and now it's fixed. He looks so cute.
He is also using the skateboard.
 I won this beautiful Sandals this week. 
Jared and I went to eat Korean food. We had bibimbap and it was awesome. After our fast today we made it today. Lesson: food taste better when someone else makes it. The eight dollar bowl was worth it.

After dinner we made banana chocolate chip bread. The boys ate rice with hot
dogs. Pretty sad that they don't eat ANYTHING. I don't cook like I used to.
I compromised that every Sunday I will bake for everyone and that's it.

Best Part of Summer.
But so far the best part of my week was when Mario shared his testimony with me and Milo for the first time. We were talking about baptism and that when they turn eight years old they can choose to be members of the church.
I don't push the boys. I don't want to be like that with the gospel with them. Mario told me, of course I will get baptized Mami. I believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I got teary eye.
Mario and Milo are always good examples of children living the gospel.  The gospel is beautiful and it should be kept simple and uncomplicated. Being LDS is about being the best to ourselves and to others because we care and not because others are looking at us. 
I am not perfect and I don't want to be (that sound super boring) but I do try my best to do what is right and to do it for myself not because others are looking. 

Monday August 11th.
This is Mario conducting his first FHE about Kindness. We had the lesson, played games and had banana smoothies as a treat.
I took the boys to Costco and got them these adorable costumes. Seriously, my boys are so good looking.

This is what they want for Christmas. I don't know if they will get and Ipad each but maybe a cheap tablet.

Juicing for my glowing skin. I am so excited about turning 30 years old. 

Tired but ready to go for a run with this little guy.

The last pool party of the Summer before school starts. Mario and Milo are hanging out with all their church friends.