Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Sunday without school.

Milo is baby hungry. He keeps asking about having a baby so he can pet him,feed him and giving him love. I think he needs a dog or a cat. Either one I am allergic. Having a baby is like the idea of riding a roller coaster. It sounds great but the reality is like what was I thinking? Meanwhile screaming my lunges out. Didn't giving birth without medication wasn't traumatizing enough? Or crashing my car with mailboxes because of lack of sleep wasn't a good enough lesson? Maybe a third one will actually make it to nine months inside of me?..or what if they get Grave disease like me?
Babies are cute and soft and smell great too. I really think that having more than two babies is not for me.  I have never picture myself with more than two. Quality is always better than quantity. Just my opinion. 

After church we went to a birthday party at the park closest to our house. Our neighbor was celebrating her 4th birthday. We ate some yummy food and sang happy birthday in Hebrew.
There was a fairy painting the boys faces. I'm getting so excited about Mario's 7th birthday party. I am thinking about having face painting and a magician or a guy doing animal balloons. This year is going to be the first time his birthday is not going to becelebrate on 32 degree weather. Outdoor party!

My ninja turtles.