Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

  I love our Christmas. It is full of joy, and laugh and all the things I ever wish for. The boys made christmas cookies that look like halloween cookies for some of our friends.

Here is our  little tester.

My mom is in New York right now and she sent the boys this awesome present. They loved it. We open the presents from the grandparents early. That is our family tradition and the boys love it.

I like to dress up for Thanksgiving, christmas, new year and any other important holiday.  We were playing with our new camera (Nikon D7000 with 18-200mm VR Lens) but somehow the camera focused on the Christmas tree instead of us.

I think I look really good when I am wearing red lipstick.  Jared doesn't like it very much, but I really think it looks great on me.

Our Family Christmas's portrait. 
24th December 2012

 My favorite picture of Jared and me. Look at his face. He likes it when I am fresh with him even if he denies it.

My dominican photo. Showing my big curves.

 We love how great our house looks with luminarias.

Christmas morning.

The boys woke us up at 6:30 am. They were so excited about their presents and Mario got an awesome "mini iPad" which really is a Google Nexus 7.

  We had french toast for breakfast on Christmas' morning.

Coolest face: when Mario saw his 'mini iPad'

December 25th

We met with all the Hobbes in Albuquerque at Buffet King to eat some tasty chinese food. Later we headed to Celestine and Michael's house to open our secret Santa presents.  
Jacob got me the coolest present ever which was the stuff I had on my wish list in Amazon. He is a smart man.
I love spending Christmas with family even if every time we meet there is more and more people.

Michael and Mario playing with the mini iPad.

This is not the best picture of me, Jared is still trying to figure out how to take pictures with our new camera, but I want to show you guys what I was wearing. I love this necklace so much.

That same night Jared, Mario, Milo and I went caroling with Michael and Celestine. I know they were tired but they know how much it means for me to go caroling which is the highlight of christmas for me even if I can't sing very well. 

 I hope you guys had a wonderful christmas like we did. I love my husband and my children so much. Thanks to them life is so much fun... stressful at times but mainly fun.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Early Christmas Activities.

I have been trying to take pictures of Mario and Milo with my new camera (Nikon D7000 with 18-200mm VR Lens). It is amazing how great the pictures look.
This is an 80's style picture looking at the empty space.
 Yes, Milo smiles and he is just so loving now. He gives me hugs and he just wants to cuddle with me. I am so happy that he is finally acting like a baby and no like a little monster. I do love that Milo is very independent, but I also love when he just wants to be with me. He likes to lay his head on my chest and listen to my heart.

Milo was in the zone. He didn't want me to stop taking pictures. I took 235 pictures of them  that day.

We had early Christmas with Celestine and Mike.  It was fun having the grandparents over in our house. The boys were wearing the matching pjs and running around like crazy. We had Chinese take out for dinner and for dessert I made caramel brownies. It was a great night.

Last week snowed so much here in Santa Fe. The kids were loving playing in the snow. Every time Milo touches the snow he comes crying to me saying: "burn, burns"

2012 Santa Fe Ward Christmas activity.
Mario is supposed to be an angel, he wasn't very happy because he had to take off his Super Mario hat.
 This is my favorite picture of him. In my mind this is how Moses said: "Let my people go Pharaoh"

Both boys saw Santa. Mario asked for a mini ipad and Milo was so shy, he just wanted his candy cane.

We also went to the Qforma christmas party. Mario was so hyper, he drank 4 cans of coca cola and Milo drank one can.  I don't buy them soda, the only way they can drink soda is if we are at a party.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This is an unsual post from me, but I would like to share how I feel about simplifying my life.
I don't know about you, but I have noticed that the more money we make, the more we spend. The more things we NEED to get, the more toys and clothes we need to buy. I have been trying to organize my house for a few months now and I keep giving things aways and still my house looks so crowded with things.  Maybe we don't have enough storage but really?  We own a 1,930 square feet home and still we feel crowded? How can that be? Why do I need to storage all this stuff?  I think there is a big difference between what I want and what I need.  I love having nice things, I really do because I think quality it is better than quantity.  I am very guilty of getting things I don't ever need. I have 55 pair of shoes which I haven't use all of them not even once. I cleaned my closet and kept all these.

My cute helper.

Check out this video. This a little more extreme than I want to be, but if you see the video, you will get the point.

Zero waste.

And here is the blog:

Imagine this, someone ask to take all your possessions out in the frontyard for a picture of your family and you with all the crap you own.
There is a book called Material World: A Portrait of The World Possesions BY Peter Menzel where he goes around the world taking pictures of what a people own in different countries. I wasn't surprised when I saw how much stuff people have here in the US, doesn't matter how poor or rich you are. We have a lot of stuff. Maybe we think that having a lot of  stuff will make us happy but it really doesn't.

                                                                          Material World.

We bought Mario and Milo one toy each and a  few books for Christmas.
I also keep winning things. Meanwhile I was writing this post I got call from a radio station telling me that I won VIP tickets to meet country singer, Kevin Fowler's this Thursday. I also saw this morning an email from house beautiful informing me that I won and from women's health magazine I won a DVD blue ray from Snow White and The Huntsman. So All those things I won, are going to be presents for family. 
Maybe we get blessed with so much not to keep it to ourselves but to pass it along to others. 
I hope this post make a small impact on you as it did on me.
I really want to have a very fulfilling life,  I don't want to fill myself with clutter and stuff but with good memories,  love and happiness.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Home Schooling

Homechooling material:
and Sam's club sells great material too.

     After I got Mario out of preschool, I started to homeschool him. He is a very smart boy.
A few sisters from my ward take turns to teach a bunch of children but the only problem I have with that is that I really can't handle more than two toddlers. Milo also likes to participate when I am homeschooling Mario. We have tried phonetics with Mario and something is not clicking for him. This Monday we are going to try to memorize some flash cards. I also downloaded a free app call Sight Words which will help him with his reading.  Mario turned 5 years old the last week of October, and I really think he needs to read by himself.  He is getting better at addition and subtraction with small numbers (10 or less). We use candy to visualize the numbers and he loves it.

Milo is also learning new words with flashcards. He speaks like a caveman. He says, "eat", or, "milk", "mas", "hurt", "wait me (wait for me)",  "luigi", "bob", "juice", and he really understands some of my Dominican Spanish.  Mario speaks Spanish with a very strong gringo accent which is so adorable.
I am so grateful for my boys. They bring me such happiness which makes everything seem dull compared to the love I feel for them.
Ps. Santa came early to my house, so I guess I was a good girl:)  (It is a Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 18-200MM DX VR lens)

This is a picture of the boys at a buffet with Jared. I was feeling kind of sick and weak, so Jared took the boys out for lunch and they loved it. They are eating so much better. Mario ate eggs and chicken again the other day.  I am so glad that this vegetarian stage is going away.
My boys.

After church today trying to blow a dandelion.