Friday, June 15, 2012

Thomas and The Hobbs, year 2.

Today we went to Chama NM to see Thomas The Train. We surprised Mario and Milo and they were so happy. We started the morning with some gourmets donuts (we like sugar, you can tell right?)
Milo was scared of the fat controller. I think it was nice but I like it better the first time when we went to see Thomas the train at Durango, Colorado.

 We got pictures taken but when I went to get them, they cost $40 a picture! no thanks.

I belong to Thomas the Train gang now.

We ate at a place called Foster's, which is a restaurant and a hotel since 1881. Yes, it smelled that old.
Later we went to get smoothies at a little cafe, which were not made with real fruit. In my opinion, the food in Chama is flavorless, and just plain gross. 

 Thomas was carrying a special delivery for the fat controller, It was the biggest diamond in the word. 

Milo love animals so much.

A magic show too :)

 Happiest boy ever.  He kept telling us that we are the best parents ever!
Yes, we are.


                                                                     It was a nice trip. 

Now, Time for me to catch up with my chores. Mario, Milo and Jared are camping. I hope they have fun.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday: Mami and Sons pictures.

I asked Jared to take some pictures of me and the boys. I like getting my picture taken with Mario and Milo. We took this picture before heading to church because after church everyone is tired and most likely our clothes are stained by cookies, baby food and stuff like that.
I like this dress very much, it is so comfortable and perfect for this summer.

These are the cutest sunglasses ever. I got two pairs (one for Milo and Mario) and they look great. 
When we go to the park, my children are always the most stylish. 

Saturday night I called Celestine ( Jared's mom) and I asked her for the recipe she uses for stuffed peppers. Thank you Celestine, they turned out great.
 I made my own version of the stuffed peppers by using bacon, and cutting on the salt.

Time for me to take a nice nap. Until next time.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mario's first soccer game and Milo Skateboarding.

Today's post is about my wonderful, handsome, talented, obedient, smart Mario. He is the perfect child. Well, Mario is 4 1/2 years old and I thought it was time to put him in some sort of sport and soccer was perfect for him. He had his first practice this last thursday and he loved it.

look at those moves.

Mario's coach gave him his team shirt after practice. I had to take a picture of him wearing his cute uniform.
Mario is #4

Today was Mario's first soccer game! He was very excited and he did very well. Most of the time he was looking at me for direction, but I couldn't say very much because I can't interfered with his coach instructions.

Getting a high five from his coach.

After his game. 
The game was 30 minutes long but we got there 10 minutes until the game. Mario was excited until he heard one kid on the opposite team was name Mario too.  He said to me "I am suppose to be the ONLY Mario"

Last week we went to Explora after going to the natural history museum. The boys love Explora and they learned a lot too. 

A little about Milo:
Milo is obsessed with reading. We  signed up  Mario and Milo for the summer reading program at the library. They can't get enough from the books. This little corner is Milo's favorite reading place.  He sits there and just look at the pictures for a really long time until I can go and read to him.

And of course, Milo is learning to skateboard. Mario couldn't do it, he has no balance but Milo is a natural.   Milo is fearless and I think that is why  he is always full of scratches... Oh well, as long as he is having fun :)