Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's the best day Ever!!!( singing )

Final day of fun at Sea World. We have done so many things so far, my feet are swollen because we have walked so much.
Jared did all the scary rides, I have videos but this app doesn't give me the option to upload them. Jared looked like a little kid, I have never seen Jared having so much fun. Mario was upset because he couldn't got to those ride. He is a few inches too short, but maybe next he can go. He loves the little kids roller coaster, he went twice on the Atlantis. I went with him because he said it was fun, but it wasn't. I was so scared.
We had lunch with Shamu and it's trainers. The food to me, was gross, but we got to see Shamu really up close and it was a great experience after all.
Mario and milo went to play in the freezing water. We really didn't mind, because it seems to us that both of them were having 'the best day ever' quoting Mario.
We went to all the attractions, play a few carnival games and we did all this being sick. I think I have been sick so much lately because I Had kept us in a bubble and we haven't build any defenses against those nasty viruses and having an autoimmune disease doesn't help me at all :(
The videos are On Facebook.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sea world. End of day one

We saw Shamu and it was awesome!!!
We are going to see it again tomorrow. We love the show, and we also fed the dolphins. A tiny trait full of fish $6. Milo was a natural, Mario was less trusting of the dolphins. I was super excited, the dolphin's skin felt like plastic.
We also ate like little piggies, we bought an all you can eat pass for all day long, we ate in 5 restaurants. Worth every penny. The no so good part was the weather, it was freezing. I am sure Jared was freezing because he was wearing shorts and a t
shirt. I, on the contrary was wearing 4 layers of clothes. It was serious weather, no one was using the rides with water. Hopefully tomorrow it gets warmer. By the way, I have a cold and a low fever since 7 am, but it was the best day ever.

Sea world. Day 1

We are still here. I am soooo tired but we are having so much fun. Gosh, this place is huge, I guess is around 250 acres. The shows are great, but I can't help to feel bad for the animals because to me they seem sad, like of they are slaves :(
We saw all the sesame streets characters and a 4D movie too. It was so cool, I am sure we all had the best time ever. We are still waiting to see Shamu and feed the dolphins. So I will post again tonight. Ps, I love using the blogger app in my iPhone :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

First night in Texas

We are in San Antonio Texas. We just drove down here to go to sea world. Mario was watching a show about whales and Jared right there said, "we are going to see some whales" and two days later here we are. Tomorrow I will upload more picture as our day goes on. Mario and Milo are excited about our hotel room. Mario calls the room, his little apartment. Too cute.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January and February 2012

We took Milo to the Aquarium and he was just so happy and interested on seeing all the cute little fish. He couldn't believe it. He probably thought that was the biggest TV he had ever seen.

I am homeschooling Mario. Mario knows how to write his name, his last name, he can do small addition, he can write numbers, and he is speaking more spanish. Still working on the reading.

 There is something about water that Mario and Milo can't resist. They can be in the bathtub the whole day.

With their matching Pjs that his grandma got them as Christmas's present. So cute. I love those little boys so much. 
I think the hardest time is the first year with a new baby and getting use to a new routine.

In January, Jared took me to a Ramen shop here in Santa Fe and it was great. He loves to eat Ramen. Thanks to that we have been talking more about the Japanese culture. Mario just learned that he is an eight Japanese and he is really into it. We are learning to eat with chopsticks, we got some training chopsticks for me and Mario.  Too bad neither Jared or I speak a word of Japanese.

This picture is from Milo's birthday. He was having fun opening his little presents.

If you come to our home, you would see Mario and Milo fighting with those foam swords.  Milo is really aggressive like me, Mario is more like Jared.

We took Mario to the dentist for his 6 months check up and cleanning. He was great and you can see in the picture above Mario's permanent teeth.

This year I got a bunch of vegetables seeds and flowers seeds and I am growing them out. So far, they are doing great. I really love gardening. I can't wait for spring time, my backyard is the cutest.

Mario and Milo are taking naps everyday (finally) and everyday after lunch they take their naps in my bed. I wonder what Milo is thinking in this picture.

Mario and Milo working hard on Mario's cards for Valentine.
We made homemade cards and he gave me a list of the people"
*grandma Hobbs
*Abuela Tata
*My friends from church

We made pop out cards and I think they were really cute.  This card was specially made for Mario's best friend Serissa Velazques. He adores that little girl. She is always hugging Mario and helping him.
Yes, that was my intent of making a cartoon of Mario. I know that he doesn't have straight hair, but it looks a lot like him.

I also won a  Velashape treatment for my legs from the Dr Oz.  The treatment was strange, it felt hot, but at the same time the brush had a weird suction. When the esthetician was done, I didn't really see any different, but my legs are softer and almost cellulite free. I am going back for another treatment, probably for mother's day. 

The boys got a free machine to make pop corn. Everyday before dinner, we have some yummy popcorn. The boys love to stared at it.

We are sick.
Milo starting throwing up, and yesterday I threw up so much and now all of us are sick. We have diarrhea, we are throwing up, we are starving but we can't put any food in our stomach because all comes out, we have no energy. I have never had a stomach flu, it is terrible.  The worst part is that today I  have class and I am starving but If I eat something, I will get sick in the classroom and that is one of the things I don't want to ever happen to me. Just in case, I will sit next to a sink.
Until next time :)