Friday, November 30, 2012


So here it is, what I have been up to these last few months:

I got a new calling a few months ago: I am the Santa Fe ward photographer (which I didn't know was a calling) and the person in charge of the Relief Society newsletter. I have actually two small callings. I love my callings because I can still attend Sunday School and Relief Society. 

I am also organizing an activity in my neighborhood for Christmas. I really hope everyone decides to participate. I can imagine how nice every house is going to look on Christmas Eve with all the luminarias outside.

Thanksgiving 2012

Sam, (Jared's brother a.k.a the future Doc), was kind enough to take some pictures of our family.  

Hobbs 2012

My handsome boys.  I love to dress them up with ties and little sweaters. 
I really love them so much. Milo is behaving so much better now and he follows Mario everywhere. 

Milo doesn't weigh very much. It is very easy to treat him like a little doll. 

What an odd pose for a picture, am I right?  It looks like he is trying to restrain me. He wishes...haha

Sam told me that this is our artistic picture.

 Milo is so cute. Today I found a page of one their books destroyed and I asked Milo who did it. He answered me, "ma", and pointed at Mario. I said, "are you sure it was Mario?" He looked down and said, "yeasss".  I know it wasn't Mario because Mario doesn't do things like that. Milo is a little dare devil.  

 Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal, really. My in-laws do a great job every year preparing a traditional meal. I really can't complain. The food was delicious.

Jared makes the moistest, tenderest turkey. In our family that is his job every Thanksgiving. Jared brined the turkey for two days and honestly, it is to die for.

The pineapple brown sugar ham is one of my favorite dishes. I am getting so hungry again.

I have also been decorating my house. Not too much stuff because I get overwhelmed. My dream is to have an all white bedroom with one of those puffy white headboards. Very girly. 

Jared got me a white egyptian cotton duvet cover for Christmas. I am in love with this duvet.

I am still unsure about these dragonflies.

The boys decorated the Christmas tree this year. The tree is full of  toys as decorations.

I am also organizing and cleaning my house. I got a label makers and I am going nuts.  Everything has a label.  The control freak inside of me it is taking over again. 
In another news, I closed my facebook account because I was getting too overwhelmed reading no sense and I honestly don't care anymore for facebook. I feel my time is too precious and somehow limited to waste. My boys are growing too fast and I don't want to miss anything because of facebook or pinterest..  Also crafts are no that important to me. In my opinion, it is cheaper to buy decorations and more efficient because the free time I get I can spend it with my family hanging out.