Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sea world. End of day one

We saw Shamu and it was awesome!!!
We are going to see it again tomorrow. We love the show, and we also fed the dolphins. A tiny trait full of fish $6. Milo was a natural, Mario was less trusting of the dolphins. I was super excited, the dolphin's skin felt like plastic.
We also ate like little piggies, we bought an all you can eat pass for all day long, we ate in 5 restaurants. Worth every penny. The no so good part was the weather, it was freezing. I am sure Jared was freezing because he was wearing shorts and a t
shirt. I, on the contrary was wearing 4 layers of clothes. It was serious weather, no one was using the rides with water. Hopefully tomorrow it gets warmer. By the way, I have a cold and a low fever since 7 am, but it was the best day ever.