Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Part 2.

Mario getting ready to go to the egg hunt at church.
 He has grown so much, and he is so smart and handsome. We are trying to teach Mario about Jesus and why Easter is so important. We told Mario that Jesus died for us and that he resurrected and now he lives. Well, Mario asked me where Jesus lives? I said to him, "Jesus lives with Heavenly Father in Heaven." Mario replied: "Can we go and see him?" And I told him that we don't know exactly where heaven is, but that Jesus promise that he would come back and I told him that we need to be ready for when he comes, so we can be around him. 

  I love his fake smile.

Mario and his friend Bella at church.

Jared got this new skateboard, or whatever is called and after we came back from church, Jared and Mario were playing outside with it.
Jared giving instructions to Mario:
" Mario, go to the other side of the street and wait for me there."


Mario came running to our bedroom, yelling "Mami, Papi the Easter bunny came!!" 
We have never see him so excited. I guess, he really wasn't expecting very much and when he saw his present, he was ecstatic.

Easter Dinner made by my wonderful husband.

I love Jared's smile.

Para terminar este post, quiero compartir mi testimonio acerca de Jesucristo.  Yo se que el es hijo de Dios, Estoy muy agradecida por el sacrificio que hizo por nosotros, estoy agradecida por su ejemplo, y yo se que el vive, y que algĂșn dia lo volveremos a ver.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Part 1 (Angry Birds).

 Mario and I were super excited about coloring the Easter eggs. This is our first time coloring the easter eggs. I got the idea to make Angry Birds Easter eggs from my friend Carolina Willies's blog. Mario loves  Angry Birds. He asked me to make him an Angry Bird cake, which it is not a bad idea.

Look how excited he is.
 A lot of preparation work. We don't want any accidents.

Getting inspired.

Getting ready to draw.

The cutest boys on the block.

Tomorrow we have our ward Easter party. More pictures to come...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When my parents were here.

My parents came to meet Milo and they love him. I am so grateful for their visit and their help. Having two little children is a lot of work. I loves to spend all my time with my children, but doing this is a really draining task. I was so tired the other day that I feel sleep while driving, but don't worry, nothing bad happened.
Jared has been helping me so much, but we both were really tired, so having my parents here for two weeks was a nice break for us.
When Mami and Papi were here, I got to sleep so much. My mom took care of Milo and my dad played with Mario and took him on daily walks around the neighborhood.