Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Milo's blessing.

Thank you all of you for coming and sharing this important moment with us.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Milo's almost 2 months!

I haven't posted for a while; I have been trying to catch up on my sleep but nothing seems to work. Milo has some good days in which he sleeps pretty well, and later he gets into his days where he doesn't sleep at all.  I don't like it at all. Jared and I look like drug addicts with our eyes so red from lack of sleep.
Milo is going to be 2 months old in ten days. He weighs eight pounds, likes to sleep listening to the sleepy time station on Pandora.com, he likes to smile, poop, throw up, wake up at night, he makes cute noises, likes to try to crawl, he rolls over and tries to stand up. It is really cute.  
Jared and I can't wait until he sleeps the whole night. It seems to us that Mario never had problems sleeping. He probably did but Milo is just a lot of work, but he is too cute, so we can't stay upset with him.
We went out to eat for the first time with our whole little family last week at Weck's and we had a friend over for dinner tonight. I hope we can start settling into a normal schedule.