Friday, June 17, 2011


These are the cutest, handsomest boys ever!  
Mario and Milo get along so well, I am sure they are becoming best friends.  Jared and I are crazy about them. 
Milo is already 5 months old, and he is trying to sit up. Sometimes he is successful, others times it is just funny to see him fall over on his side. Milo is a really happy boy, loves to drool, he reaches for anything and puts it in his mouth. I can't really complain about him anymore because he is a really easy baby.  I think it's because he sees how I stop everything just to spend time with him. My house is not as perfect anymore, my hair is all over the place... but it doesn't matter anymore, they deserve my attention all the time and that is the secret to having happy sweet children. Mario and Milo know that I will do anything for them and I think that is why they like me. Every night I promise Mario and Milo that I will be a better mommy for them.  Time is flying by, they are growing up too quick and I want them to just have wonderful memories of their childhood with us; I am letting my actions speak louder than my words.
I think my methods are working because Mario just told me that Jared and I are his best friends. 


Last week Mario asked me for a party and the next day he was enjoying a pool party with some of his friends.

The next day... We have around 4 layers of sunblock on. My children have really sensitive skin like mine. We had so much fun, at the end we were glad to have AC at home because it was super hot outside.

So fun.