Tuesday, December 07, 2010

So far everything is going well.

This post is just out of boredom.  I have been sick for almost two months and three days ago I finally lost my voice. Tonight when I was putting Mario to bed, he looked at Jared and told him: "Mami can't read Belly Button book, Daddy you read Belly Button book", and that is how I ended up sitting in front of the computer thinking what else to do.  I guess after this post I might take a hot shower and go to bed.
Last week I went out with my friend Emily to celebrate her birthday but before I left, Mario, Jared and I took some pictures using the Photo Booth application. He loves it and he wouldn't let me go unless I took some silly pictures with him.

 I ordered this dessert, a nice butter cake with a weird but yummy sauce. 
I take pictures of pretty food because I really enjoy it.

What else? Well, I got braces two months ago. They hurt when I get them tightened but those things are doing wonders with my teeth. I look like a pregnant teenager with those things on; well, that's better than looking older I guess.

My friends from the Santa Fe ward had a small baby shower for me. I really don't need anything because I have a lot of things from Mario but it was a nice gesture. I wasn't feeling really well and my eyes were really bad thanks to the Graves Disease but besides that I had fun.

We also got a nine foot Christmas tree for less than 200 bucks at Walmart and I love it. Yes, Walmart always has the best deals. Mario is so in love with that Christmas tree. I love Christmas so much more now because I can see how much Mario is enjoying it. He is so excited about Santa Claus and baby Jesus.

Too excited to go to sleep.

Thanksgiving 2010. 

I wasn't really thinking of posting pictures of my naked belly but I am so proud of my belly so bear with me. 
I love my HUGE belly, and how chubby and cute I look when I am pregnant.  I love how Jared and Mario kiss my belly and how careful and tender both of them are with me. I am a really lucky woman to  have these wonderful men in my life.  The baby is doing just perfect. I am 30 weeks pregnant, almost done! I am really happy with my little family :)