Thursday, January 07, 2010


We are the proud new owners of a Land Rover HSE 2006!!!
After our little blue Hyndai die in the freeway, Jared, Mario and I have been using the little truck to moved around. It was nice to be close to my two guys but I wasn't really happy just living like that. Mario's car seat is enormous, and we didn't have enough leg space. So, we got a new car.
These pictures are actual pictures of the Land Rover we got.

Our New Year's Dinner.
So far this 2010 has been a nice year for me and Jared. I keep saying that 2010 is going to be the year to do a lot of new thing and to do things that make us happy. We finished 2009 with a nice dinner. Jared and I waited for the new year to come. We were so tired, but it was nice to drink some apple cider with him and to say a prayer so our new year will bring amazing things for us.
Jared in his office at Qforma. He has an amazing view. His office is located in downtown Santa Fe, plus he got a raised at the end of this year, after working there for just 8 months! I'm really proud of him and his amazing accomplishments. You see girls, it pays to married a smart guy.
We got together with Jacob and Shauna. It was nice having them here
as the same for the Dunlaps.
Jared, Mario and I at down town Santa Fe.

Shauna, me and Jessica, Santa Fe.

Every morning this beautiful amanecer shows in my bedroom window.
After living here for almost six years, I finally went skiing for the first time with Jared. I took a lesson with all the little children. It was fun and I learned a lot. I think I did pretty good. I went once on the bunny hill, I fell MANY times but I enjoyed. I hope to go back soon.

I also have some exciting news from me. I went to school and I am just missing a few credits to graduated with my Associates degree in arts with a concentration in Culture and Gender Studies. Fancy eh? I'm really happy about this, and all the new things this year will bring. I didn't make too many new years resolution but my main one was to avoid stress and stressful people first because it makes my GD worst and second, life is too short to be wasting it with insufferable people. What? You know that I will say what I think.
Love you guys, have a great 2010!