Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009/ Navidad 2009

Santa came and brought Mario and amazing work bench, and to our surprise there was a present for us: Some amazing glasses Mario got for us. I wonder how he carried those?
Santa also got Mario another wood cart trains to add to Mario's collection.
Dr. Seuss books are Mario's favorite as for anything with cars.

At the Grandparents's house.
I was in complete shock when I got a bunch of Dominican Hair products. Thank you to my in laws.
Jared putting together the present grandma' Hobbs got for Mario.

Jared is such a handsome man. I'm also so proud of his accomplishments in 2009.
My amor and I.
Merry Christmas 2009
The Dunlaps also got some nice presents for us. Jacob thank you for the cute broches.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My good boy!

Mario and Santa 2009.
He was a brave little boy, he stood in line waiting for his turn. Mario cried a little in the line and later he walked to Santa by himself.

Mario is wearing his pajamas.
I'm proud of my boy. I really am.
This is our first year in Santa Fe, I must say that the line to see Santa was really unorganized. Jared was the only dad in line and a bunch of moms were cutting in front of him and Mario. The line was for children from zero to five years old, so the youngest needed to go first, but that wasn't the case. I was on the side, counting to myself so I wouldn't scream at one of those rude moms cutting in front of Jared and Mario. In one moment, I took Mario and I told him to go to Santa and he was so obedient and did it. I gave those moms a dirty look. How is it possible that they want to take advantaged of my hubby and my baby, after they were in line for a long time waiting for their turn. That is not smart at all, is not wise to be on my bad side, seriously. I just can't take it. I bet that won't happen next year.
I really can't stand those types of mothers. What are they teaching their children? Oh well, but for sure if they want to play dirty, I can play dirty. I think I made my point tonight: I'm nice but don't mess up with me.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mario's first time in the snow.

I don't know if it snowed in Albuquerque or Belen, but here in Santa Fe it snowed so much. It was really beautiful but I didn't do outside at all. I love my house at 70 degrees, I know it is too much but it is worth it.
Mario was so excited to see this new white thing. He had never played with snow before.
No se si cayo nieve en Albuquerque o Belen pero aqui en Santa fe cayó mucha nieve. Fue tan linda ver nevar pero yo no salí afuera mucho. Me encanta mi casa que siempre esta a 70 grados, se que es demasiada caliente pero vale la pena.
Mario estaba super emocionado al ver esa manta blanca que arropo todo. El nunca habia jugado con la nieve antes.

This picture is so sweet.
Esta foto es tan dulce, me encanta como Mario se ve aqui.

Getting ready to throw a snow ball at mami.
Preparandose para tirarle una bolita de nieve a Mami.
Running like crazy in the snow was his favorite part.
Correr como loco en la nieve fue lo que mas le gusto a Mario.

After working from home, Jared cleaned the drive way and spend some quality time with Mario playing in the snow. Those two are best friends.
Jared trabajo desde la casa porque no quiso manejar con toda esa nieve. Despues del trabajo el limpio la marquesina y la entrada de la casa, paso tiempo con Mario tambien. Ellos dos son mejores amigos.

Mami y papi espero que le gusten las fotos de Mario que estoy publicando.
Los quiero mucho.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Early Christmas Present!

I got a new washer and dryer from Jared. Thank you Jared!
He got the stands that goes under the machines, so I won't hurt my back. Our laundry room still looks spacious enough to have the rest of the things we need in there. I like having a bigger house.
Mario was my model for the day, he was so playful and curious with the washer and dryer. I think he doesn't know what they are. Too many bottoms perhaps.

Before we moved from Belen, I took this adorable pictures of Mario wearing his favorite pajamas/lounging clothes in our front yard. He is such a great happy guy.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Beautiful Madrid.

Madrid is a town 20 miles away from Santa Fe and every year they have a nice Christmas parade. All the houses and art galleries in the little town get decorated, the galleries offer free hot cider, hot chocolate, imported cheese, grapes, red wine and cookies. We got there early, and walked around. I met with some of the galleries owners which were really friendly and the artists explained some of their work to me. I learned so much from them.
Madrid was a miner town and later on became a ghost town. In the 60's a group of hippies and artists bought the town and they turned it into a small artsy town, full of galleries and full of little cafes. I loved it. I loved all the little galleries, the people I met there were amazing and so far my favorite gallery was one called Metallo.
Which is not the one below.

Mario got some good candy from Santa Claus.

It was cold. I really didn't mind at all, I was having the time of my life with Jared.

This is going to be our new little family tradition.