Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner Santa Fe Hobbs.

We spend two days preparing for thanksgiving. Everything was perfect.
We ate too much like always, this year we decided to have our own thanksgiving meal in our home, and one of the goals was to cook smaller portions because we want to eat and feel better.
I tried to buy everything in small portions but it didn't work. We had tons of food just for the three of us. I still have a batch of rolls waiting for me to bake them. I'mso full from yesterday and so sleepy too.

Jared carving his first turkey!

I have had no so good experiences with the turkey before so my meat of choice was an spiral ham. My first thanksgiving was in the house of Jared's uncle and the turkey was raw. It was just gross (my opinion) and I just ate an amazing broccoli salad that Terry made. I know that Jared felt so bad for me because it was supposed to be my first thanksgiving ever, but everything was just awful. I remember him telling me to not eat breakfast that day because everything was going to be excellent, like in the movies, poor Jared. He was more disappointed than me.
I made a honey brown sugar glazed ham.
I soaked the ham for two days in pineapple juice, orange juice and enough brown sugar. It was so good that Jared and Mario couldn't resist to eat half of the ham before baking it.
Thanksgiving morning.
I'm still looking swollen from my heart problems stuff and from the thyroid. I gained more than 30 pounds after taking the radioactive pill and for my back luck my body is not reacting very well. My hormones level are still pretty high, so please keep me in your prayers.
Going back to the good stuff.
This was Jared's first turkey. I don't like turkey at all and I couldn't stop eating it, he is an amazing cook. The turkey was tender and it was really tasty.
Jared brined the turkey for a day with kosher salt, pepper corns, vegetable broth and his other secret ingredient which I'm not allowed to share...and for the inside of the turkey he added an apple, rosemary, sage, and onions.

Mario wanted to help, he was in charge of making my home made rolls.

We had a great time cooking together.
It wasn't stressful at all. Jared went in the morning to play football, came back and helped me and after we were done, I put Mario to take a nap and he put away the left overs. Seriously, he is the best husband. I'm so grateful for Jared, I'm a really complicated person and he is the one that gets me the most. He just knows what and when to say things to me, so I won't get offended and how to say them.

Jared's turkey

Our thanksgiving family picture.
I'm grateful for my little family that brings joy to my life. They take care of me, of my health and provided emotional support in everything. I love them very much and I can't imagine my life without them. Everything I do, I do it for them, because they are everything to me.
Mario was ready to eat, and give grace for this amazing dinner.
En este dia de gracias, estoy agredecida por el evangelio de Jesucristo, por el amor de mi pequeña familia, por mi Jared y por mi Mario,por mis padres, mis hermanos y mis amigos sinceros. Estoy agradecida por todas las bendiciones que el Padre Celestial me ha dado, por la oportunidad de tocar las vidas de personas a mi alrededor y de tener el chance de ser mas humilde. Estoy agradecida por mis pruebas y por la gente dificil en mi vida porque gracias a ellos puedo crecer espiritualmente y acercarme y entender mas a mi padre celestial. Estoy agradecida por el profecta Jose Smith y por el gran ejemplo que el es para mi, por el profeta viviente y todos los lideres de la iglesia. Estoy agradecida por cada pequeña cosa en mi vida, por mis pruebas, por mis fallas,por mi salud, por mis enfermedades, por mis fortalesas. Estoy agradecida por ser dominicana y a la vez vivir en un pais tan maravilloso como los Estados Unidos. Estoy agradecida por estar viva y por tener la oportunidad de pasar mi vida con Jared y por ver y cuidar a Mario.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today after a long day of cleaning and scrubbing a house, I got home and to my surprise my dad had sent me some pictures. He is so cute and it is true, brother Pedregon looks a lot like my dad.
My dad called me a few days ago to tell me that he got himself a blackberry phone and he is learning how to use it. Papi was over the moon with a phone that has internet and that can send emails and a bunch of other stuff. He was like a little child in a candy store.
He sent me a bunch of pictures of my mom and himself.
This first one is my mom's huge Christmas tree. In the Dominican Republic the tradition is to put the tree almost in September. Over there we don't have halloween or thanksgiving, so Christmas is the big holiday. My mom usually puts on the tree the day after my sister's birthday which is November 10th.
She doesn't have children at home, except for that annoying dog Mitril.

I keep telling Jared that I wish I look like my mom when I am her age. She is 55 years old, and yes, that is her without make up, just a little lip gloss. She tells me that is too hot (94 degrees) to wear make up. This picture is not photoshop, her face is flawless. I just need to eat more veggies, less meat and walk more like she does.
I asked my mom once if she had done botox and she told me: "I wish, but that is too expensive and we can't afford that. That is for rich people, we are poor, so no. I have never have botox in my life." She is gorgeous woman.
In my country guys look at your mom first and later they look at you. If your mom looks good, you for sure have a guy that might want to have a long term relationship with you. The thing is that we believe that when women get older they look like their moms. So if your mom look like a crazy cat lady, you for sure don't have a lot of guys knocking at your door. I know it sounds kind of sexist but physical appearance is a big deal over there and I think in here it is too.
Does your wife look like her mom? Think about it.
That was lesson #43 about Dominican culture.


Cleaning our Belen house was our Saturday project.
Super clean floors.
Most amazing laminate floors I have ever had.
Mop glow, floor polisher and wood cleaner was what I used to keep those floor shinny.
This was Mario's room.
Mario saying goodbye to his first home.

This coming Wednesday we are signing to sell our house. We went down to Belen and cleaned the house. The buyer is coming two days before closing to see the house, we don't want to give her any chance to back up. The house looks amazing. I'm sad to leave Belen because it feels like home. I'm still getting use to Santa Fe and all the amazing things we have over here. I guess, I just too attached to that place. Oh well, that is so far what we have been doing. I'm still working on the house and I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I got four little fish from Walmart, the kind that cost 28 cents. Mario loves them all, and he called them Princess Peach, Toad, Ghost and Donkey Kong.
He was so excited and happy.
He shaked and hugged that bag all the way home.
But this morning three of the fish died and just one survived.
I told Mario the other fishies went to see their mommies and that is why they weren't in the fish tank.
I think he didn't believe me.
Today we got the keys to our new house!!!
We have two houses! We are in the process to sell our house in Belen.
Today is the appraisal of the house. I think by the end of this month we will be able to get rid of this house for real.
Its not trash. Those are our clothes in plastic bags.
In Belen it is so hard to find nice boxes and plastic bags are so much easier to pack in the back of a truck.

We got the house and an hour later started to paint the back wall.
We want to give the house a nice personality. The color I chose is called Buffalo, I was really thinking of going with a dark grey until I saw the carpet. Jared decided to change the name to Poop color. He is a perfectionist.

We also got our new furniture delivered the same day and the bug spray guy was there too.
The leather couches are my favorite, I really thought they were going to be smaller. I guess we are going to have a nice cozy room. Thanks to Jessica for having a link on her blog to a nice decoration site.
I've been thinking about sewing 9 feet tall curtains, because I haven't find that length of a curtain for less than 100 bucks a panel. I think it is ridiculous that stores want to charge $100 for adding one more foot of fabric.
I'm not crafty at all, I wish I was but it takes too much of my time, but this time I will try because I really want to have a nice place where I can invite my friends to socialize.
I really like this chair and ottoman. I was a little concerned because in the store it looked lighter. We got the chair and ottoman for 280 dollars.
My whole life I always wanted to have a round table and I finally have one.
Jared and I are over the moon. We love having a new house which is really comfortable.
I still need to finish the decor in the house, so when I'm done I'll post more pictures.
I love you Jared and thank you for getting such an amazing place to live, you really know how to spoil me.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Server down time

Our server (located at, will be taken offline Monday night, November 9, 2009. It will come back online once we move in to our new house and get the internet back up! This will hopefully happen within a week or two.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mario's halloween party.

We went truck or trick at his grandparents neighborhood. It was nice to see Mario dress as a pirate and holding his little hook.
He was in character the whole time.
Mario doesn't talk yet, but we could tell he loved it. We took him to two streets to ask for candy, the first few houses he was really shy and later when he saw that they were giving candy away the shyness went away too. Mario took his little pumpkin basket and located in front of the doors and proceed to point at the pumpkin so people will put their candy in the basket. Some people didn't give him that much candy so we would stay pointing until the people finally got it but in another houses they would put more candy on the basket and Mario will take the basket and run away to the next house.
He was the sweetest, cutest pirate ever!
Mario and Jared dress as Samurais for halloween.
Look at their tiny pony tail.
I made these party favors to look like little pumpkins.
and I made some yummy cupcakes.
Guacamole eye. Scary or delicious?
We had a great halloween party.

Santa Fe is almost here.

Adorable Mario smiling in our new house. He was so happy playing, jumping, running and shocking us with static.
Today we went to the Santa Fe ward to get to know the people from our future ward and I must say that it was an interesting visit.
We stopped to see how our house was with the construction. I took some pictures with my iPhone and they are not the best quality but I hope you guys can enjoy them.
The landscaping in the front and side of the house is done.
Nice kitchen backsplash.

The granite is already installed and a few of the appliances too.
After church we had a mini picnic on our new living room floor.
Jared and Mario looking through Mario's window.
This is going to be Mario's bathroom.
Our bathtub.
So far everything is going well. Hopefully we can move this week or maybe next.