Friday, September 25, 2009

The Last Few Months/Estos Ultimos Meses.

Mario making some butter.
Mario haciendo mantequilla en el dia de los pioneros en la iglesia.

After every meal Mario and I have some ice cream and watch some cartoons.
I asked Mario to hold my ice cream but the temptation was too much for him.
Despues de comer siempre le doy helado a Mario. Le pedi a Mario que me agarre el helado pero la tentacion fue demasiada para el. No pudo aguantar.

muahhhhahaha!!! I tasted both.
Le pegue la lengua a los dos jajaja.
Bowling at ITZ.
Jared teaching Mario how to bowl.
Pagosa Springs.
Turkey Creek.
Longest hike ever for me.
Every rock, coin or whatever Mario will bring to me.
Mario recoge todo del suelo.

Cute family picture.
Nuestra bonita familia

Mario hanging out in the park.
Noticed the car in his hand? Some children get attached to blankets, Mario is attached to his car.
"Mami always buys me Ice Cream after we go to the park."
Mami siempre me compra heladito despues de que vamos al parque, dice Mario.
We are always early to church. Mario was getting ready for class.
Mario preparandose para enseñar la clase.
Niño revente.
New Mexico State Fair 2009
Petting Zoo
Thank you Celestine for the tickets.

Mario was saying ruuufff ruuff.
For Mario all animal sound like dogs
Para Mario todos los animales hacen sonidos de perro.
We were telling Mario about Lola.
Le estabamos contando a Mario acerca de Lola.

fry twinkie
Rollito dulce frito.

Yummy Turkey Leg
Rica pierna de pavo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Mario.

These are not the best pictures. I still don't know why these pictures look so blurry.
The first one is the plant I got from Juli's backyard. Isn't beautiful?
He loves to look outside

Hanging out in our small from porch. Its the highlight of his day.

Who is wearing pants?
and running.
I had learn that when I don't hear Mario in the house is because he is hiding doing something he is not allow to.
Look at the face he made when I found him playing with Vaseline.
I think is mainly my fault. At night I put Vaseline on my face (best moisturizer ever) and he thought he need it to do it too. So funny.
Growing pains.
We were at the New Mexico Fair eating some yummy food when I was trying to share my smoothie with Mario. I didn't see him reaching for the cup at the same time I was trying to put the straw in his mouth, so I pocked him in the nose with the straw by accident. He didn't cry, he just reach for my shoulder and hide his hurt little face.
He also hit his chin with our coffee table and hurt his head with our fireplace.