Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I did the best for me and my family at this moment.

I decided to drop all my classes. Why? Well, the simple truth is that I was getting too stressed out (I can't handle stress at all) and I was neglecting my relationship with Jared and Mario. I was taking two difficult classes, plus I have a time consuming calling (Relief Society president). I was feeling depressed, crying all the time and miserable.
I was doing pretty good in my psychology 240 class but my heart broke each time that I needed to put Mario away even though he wanted to play with me because I had to study 40 pages of psychology for each chapter. How sad I was, I'm not doing what I wanted to do. I want to spend time with Mario and see all the amazing things that he can do for the first time, I want to be a cool wife/lover/girlfriend to Jared, I want to learn french and learn how to sew dresses, plus walk 3 miles a day to look the way I want; I want to be able to go to the temple more often, to spend time with family and friends without having to worry about how much homework I need to do for the next chapter, and have more chances to do service because I really feel that service is one of the things that fulfills me.
Family suggested that I should drop the classes, but I didn't want to be perceived as a quitter. Well, I'm not a quitter but when you see your hair falling out like if I was getting ready to be bald it's time to stop and start prioritizing. Some people will think that it's nothing, but for me it is. I have the opportunity to do what I want and I will take advantage of that. To be able to give love to others I need to love myself first, a difficult lesson to learn for me. I want to be a better wife, mom, daughter, and friend and I need to remember more often why am I here? What is my MAIN purpose in life? I don't care anymore about all the negative input that people will give me. I'm working to be happy and I will do it because I finally understand.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jared!

First of all, thank you Celestine and Mike to help us with the kitchen and the garage, and for paying for dinner. You guys are lifesavers@ Thank you.

We went to Harla Mays to celebrate Jared's birthday.

We watch the "Moulin Rouge."
I'm sorry Jared, I didn't know that you favorite movie was Napoleon Dynamite.

Mario loves having family around.

Jared opening his presents. Thank you guys for all your presents.

26 years old!

I made this cake for Jared, because I didn't get him anything this year(how sad).
I hope you had a good birthday.

Mario "helping me"

I took this picture yesterday and I thought it look nice.
Mario favorite activity eating in bed.

Mario is such a good sport, he is always ready to take picture with me.

Mario ready to work asking for money in a corner.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We want to Sell our House

Mario is giving us the thumb up.

Reading the Book of Mormon.

In other news, we have decided that we need to sell our house because Jared is thinking about going to graduate school. So please pray for us so we find a good buyer.

Check my House

Monday, January 05, 2009

Website down temporarily

I just finished migrating our website ( back to our home Ubuntu server so until the new ip propagates to all the name servers around the world, the site will be unaccessible. This shouldn't last more than a few days. I apologize for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: Looks like the new ip has propagated. Site's back up.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Fun at the zoo

Happy New Year everybody. We had a great New Years' eve eventhough we have a nasty cold, we celebrated with some homemade salsa with chips and my famous virgin Margaritas. Today we left the house and went to the zoo. Jacob, Celestine and Mike joined us. Thank you Mike for letting me use these pictures :)
Grandma to the rescue!
Jacob having some fun.

Monster Hands!@