Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today after a long day of cleaning and scrubbing a house, I got home and to my surprise my dad had sent me some pictures. He is so cute and it is true, brother Pedregon looks a lot like my dad.
My dad called me a few days ago to tell me that he got himself a blackberry phone and he is learning how to use it. Papi was over the moon with a phone that has internet and that can send emails and a bunch of other stuff. He was like a little child in a candy store.
He sent me a bunch of pictures of my mom and himself.
This first one is my mom's huge Christmas tree. In the Dominican Republic the tradition is to put the tree almost in September. Over there we don't have halloween or thanksgiving, so Christmas is the big holiday. My mom usually puts on the tree the day after my sister's birthday which is November 10th.
She doesn't have children at home, except for that annoying dog Mitril.

I keep telling Jared that I wish I look like my mom when I am her age. She is 55 years old, and yes, that is her without make up, just a little lip gloss. She tells me that is too hot (94 degrees) to wear make up. This picture is not photoshop, her face is flawless. I just need to eat more veggies, less meat and walk more like she does.
I asked my mom once if she had done botox and she told me: "I wish, but that is too expensive and we can't afford that. That is for rich people, we are poor, so no. I have never have botox in my life." She is gorgeous woman.
In my country guys look at your mom first and later they look at you. If your mom looks good, you for sure have a guy that might want to have a long term relationship with you. The thing is that we believe that when women get older they look like their moms. So if your mom look like a crazy cat lady, you for sure don't have a lot of guys knocking at your door. I know it sounds kind of sexist but physical appearance is a big deal over there and I think in here it is too.
Does your wife look like her mom? Think about it.
That was lesson #43 about Dominican culture.


Cleaning our Belen house was our Saturday project.
Super clean floors.
Most amazing laminate floors I have ever had.
Mop glow, floor polisher and wood cleaner was what I used to keep those floor shinny.
This was Mario's room.
Mario saying goodbye to his first home.

This coming Wednesday we are signing to sell our house. We went down to Belen and cleaned the house. The buyer is coming two days before closing to see the house, we don't want to give her any chance to back up. The house looks amazing. I'm sad to leave Belen because it feels like home. I'm still getting use to Santa Fe and all the amazing things we have over here. I guess, I just too attached to that place. Oh well, that is so far what we have been doing. I'm still working on the house and I'll post pictures when I'm done.