Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I got four little fish from Walmart, the kind that cost 28 cents. Mario loves them all, and he called them Princess Peach, Toad, Ghost and Donkey Kong.
He was so excited and happy.
He shaked and hugged that bag all the way home.
But this morning three of the fish died and just one survived.
I told Mario the other fishies went to see their mommies and that is why they weren't in the fish tank.
I think he didn't believe me.
Today we got the keys to our new house!!!
We have two houses! We are in the process to sell our house in Belen.
Today is the appraisal of the house. I think by the end of this month we will be able to get rid of this house for real.
Its not trash. Those are our clothes in plastic bags.
In Belen it is so hard to find nice boxes and plastic bags are so much easier to pack in the back of a truck.

We got the house and an hour later started to paint the back wall.
We want to give the house a nice personality. The color I chose is called Buffalo, I was really thinking of going with a dark grey until I saw the carpet. Jared decided to change the name to Poop color. He is a perfectionist.

We also got our new furniture delivered the same day and the bug spray guy was there too.
The leather couches are my favorite, I really thought they were going to be smaller. I guess we are going to have a nice cozy room. Thanks to Jessica for having a link on her blog to a nice decoration site.
I've been thinking about sewing 9 feet tall curtains, because I haven't find that length of a curtain for less than 100 bucks a panel. I think it is ridiculous that stores want to charge $100 for adding one more foot of fabric.
I'm not crafty at all, I wish I was but it takes too much of my time, but this time I will try because I really want to have a nice place where I can invite my friends to socialize.
I really like this chair and ottoman. I was a little concerned because in the store it looked lighter. We got the chair and ottoman for 280 dollars.
My whole life I always wanted to have a round table and I finally have one.
Jared and I are over the moon. We love having a new house which is really comfortable.
I still need to finish the decor in the house, so when I'm done I'll post more pictures.
I love you Jared and thank you for getting such an amazing place to live, you really know how to spoil me.