Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So the truth about my weight.

When I was seven months pregnant I was 200 pounds (20 months ago). After giving birth I was 180 pounds. Right now I'm 145 pounds and I keep losing weight without even trying. Well, like everybody knows I'm always hot, even in winter. My body temperature is usually 99.7 degrees. I get depressed, I can't exercise because I can't breath, I get too upset for nothing, my heartbeats are too fast, I'm always tired but I can't sleep, and I'm losing weight even though I eat like a pig. I'm just 24 and I have all these problems, why?
I went to the doctor and I got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which is caused by too much thyroid hormone production . Only 5% of women in the US develop this condition a year after giving birth. I told all my friends about this and they thought I was joking and some of them even wished to have the same. I really didn't care too much because I was losing weight until my heart was hurting and my heartbeats were at 120 when a normal heart beat should be between 80-100 and that my thyroids can start looking like the picture below. My doctor gave me some awesome medicines that are taking care of my heart and my thyroid. Dr Luke Lujan told me that after a few weeks all the symptoms including depression will go away, hopefully. I'm feeling great right now.
So don't feel bad if you are not losing weight like me because this comes with heart problems.
I'm just sharing this with you guys because maybe one of you have or had the same condition and if you feel like something is wrong don't listen to anyone but yourself and go to get checked because I have done this 3 times (with my pregnancy, when Mario had the surgery, and when I felt funny in my heart) and I had prevented worse things.