Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jared!

First of all, thank you Celestine and Mike to help us with the kitchen and the garage, and for paying for dinner. You guys are lifesavers@ Thank you.

We went to Harla Mays to celebrate Jared's birthday.

We watch the "Moulin Rouge."
I'm sorry Jared, I didn't know that you favorite movie was Napoleon Dynamite.

Mario loves having family around.

Jared opening his presents. Thank you guys for all your presents.

26 years old!

I made this cake for Jared, because I didn't get him anything this year(how sad).
I hope you had a good birthday.

Mario "helping me"

I took this picture yesterday and I thought it look nice.
Mario favorite activity eating in bed.

Mario is such a good sport, he is always ready to take picture with me.

Mario ready to work asking for money in a corner.