Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Parade in Belén.

Our little town of Belén celebrates the beginning of Christmas every year, so this year we had a great time with Jessica and Sebastian at the Miracle on Main Street electric light parade. The truth is that it was so cold, I was so cold, we even took some hot chocolate from a table that was next to the nativity. After the parade was over we roasted some marshmallows (free) complements from Belén's police department. We really had a great time.

Cool hats, eh?

Mario was having a blast. He loved it.

It was so cold, but I had a great time.
We went to Costco yesterday. Mario was hanging out with his grandparents and having a great time.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving at the Hobbs's house is always a great experience, and I loved to be there because those are the most precious memories I can have with my family. The day before Jessica and I prepared some Virgin Margaritas and some tomato Brusshetas. We also had a great time with Sethrina and Josh.
Celestine Prepared a feast.
My favorites were the sweet potatoes, the ham, the stuffing, the green beans, I guess everything to be honest.

Josh and Sethrina" the barbie" I do believe she looks like a barbie.

Jessica and Sebastian

I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm not dead!

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since my last post so I thought I'd write something. First of all, I'm not dead! I've just been super busy with school and work. I guess I'll write about all the things we've been up to.


Mario has been trying to learn how to walk and crawl and other things babies like to do. He's afraid to walk on his own but likes to run around the house in his walker. He'll also walk if you hold his hands. Mario doesn't like to crawl on his stomach. Instead, he's been doing this Gollum-like scoot across the floor. Check out the video if you don't understand what I'm talking about:

Anyway, he keeps getting cuter and more active everyday! We love this little man. Here's another video of him, this time smacking his head as he realizes he "should've had a V8!" (and he's also clapping):


Jenny has also been busy with school. She is doing great in her two online classes and has been taking care of Mario and the house on top of that! To add to the stress, Jenny has been called to be Relief Society president in our branch! I love Jenny so much and am so grateful to have her in my life.


Like I said before, I've been staying busy with all my homework and work-work. I'm graduating on December 19th so I've been trying to make sure my grades stay up! Apart from school, I've been getting into another addicting hobby: geocaching! It all started when I downloaded the geocaching app for my iPhone. It's so fun! Oh, and one more thing: after countless failed attempts, I was finally able to get 3 bags of crap from Woot! I'm thinking they should be delivered sometime next week. Hopefully I get some sweet crap!

We are getting ready to spend Thanksgiving weekend at my parents house. Jessica and Sebastian will be there as well as Sebastian's sister and her boyfriend. Should be fun! We'll be sure to blog about it after everything's over. See you then!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My parents came to visit us.

My parents came to visit us for a few weeks and we really love having them here. We went everywhere, my dad loves New Mexico.

We went to the Rio Grande Zoo

The Botanical Garden

The aquarium

Sandia Peak.

My dad loves to play pinball.

In the Park close to our house. My parents love Mario so much and he loves them too.

Ice Skating. My dad made sure that I took a picture of him because he would never do that again. Ever.

Eating at Harla Mayce

Mario's birthday. We cancelled his party because we were sick.

After coming from trunk or treat.

My dad's birthday is on Halloween, so we went the day before to Teofilos, a new mexican restaurant in Los lunas to celebrate his birthday. The guy with the hat sang to him, it was hilarious.

Our backyard is huge, our property is almost half an acre. Well the backyard was full of weeds and my sweet dad cleaned it for us. He did it in 15 days by himself.
He is a cute little lawyer who is really handy.
At the Natural History Museum.

Getting ready for Halloween

This was my parent's first truck or treat. They loved it.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to my dad.

We went bowling too.

Mario's late birthday party.

Mario and his two grandfathers.

Break the piñata!!

The yummy food.

I had such a great time with my parents. This was my dad's first time in new mexico and he love it. I wish they could come more often to see Mario. In another note I am excited to see for the first time a president with color skin, maybe for some people this is not a big deal but for people like me it is. I don't agree with some of his ideas but I'm proud of his huge accomplishment, I told everyone he was going to win. I can't vote because I'm not a citizen yet, but I'm an American Citizen in my heart. I love this country.
This morning I was watching the view an this is how I feel too.