Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Dinner Party.

We had an early Halloween Dinner Party. Jessica and Celestine prepared a great spooky dinner. We had bloody finger, and other yummy dishes. These beautiful pictures were taken by Michael Hobbs and the tables one by Jessica Dunlap.

The cutest little horse ever.

Yes, I know...

This picture have an explanation, but you will have to go to Mike's blog so you will understand.

I love this handsome goat (mi fauno)

Mariela and the cutest skunk ever.

A dangerous pirate and Huge Hefner

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mario is so Cute.

Today is my 24th Birthday. Jared bought me some beautiful red roses and baked me a pizza, plus my early presents. It was a great day and my face is not that swollen anymore but I'm in pain.
Mario can stand up in his crib.

Look at my teeth
Now Mario can eat everything with just two teeth.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lafayette, Indiana

Last weekend we went to Indiana because Jared was invited to attend an expo-something to get more information about graduate schools. We went to Purdue University. It was so much fun, but our last day there I got a cold.

Mario was so happy in the king size bed. I have to say it was nice sleeping in a king size bed. Mario didn't kick me, I honestly forgot that he was there.

We went to church at Lafayette 3rd ward and after that we went to campus. Mario and I spent our time playing outside. The squirrel where crazy. In the next pictures, look how the squirrel gets closer and closer to Mario. Those things were mean and I had the feeling that they did not want to play with Mario.

Lets go to the pool

I had a great time in Lafayette. I met another Dominican, well, Half Dominican and she was fun.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mario Getting Some Fiber

Today I was cleaning my bathroom. Mario wants to be close to me every second, so I took him to the bathroom with me and I put him on the floor. While I was scrubbing the bathtub, I saw that Mario was chewing on something. I kept scrubbing the bathtub and later I remembered that a few days ago I killed a spider and it was on the floor. I took Mario from the floor, I opened his mouth and he was eating the dead spider, I almost vomited up my breakfast! It was disgusting and the worst part was that Mario was enjoying it. I took the spider from his mouth and he started crying like crazy. It was the most disgusting and funniest thing I have ever seen.