Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mario is 7 months old

Today Mario is seven months old. How fast time goes by. Also, this month on the 14th was my fourth anniversary living in the United States and next year I'll get my citizenship for real. I would like to get involved with politics to help immigrants and people who are illegals in this country but want to become legal. After I moved to Belen I met so many good people who are illegals and would like to have another chance to do things right. This country was formed by immigrants from other countries who where persecuted by their religious believes, or came here for the chance to have a new beginning.
I have learned so much in these four years and I have grown so much ( 30 pounds heavier.)

  • I learned English, I'm still struggling with it. I didn't know any English when I came here, I took two ESL classes and later I enrolled in a community college. My first class ever was Biology 110, I could understand everything but I couldn't speak, I passed the class with an A.
  • I learned how to be an individual and accepted that no everybody has to like me.
  • I learned that I'm not my parents.
  • I have been in so many places:Utah,New Mexico, Idaho, Mexico( Juarez),
    (a big deal to me because New Mexico is four time bigger than the island where I came from)
  • I have grow closer to Jared...did you know that when I got marry I didn't know that Jared use glasses?
  • I learned how to cook, specially to cook meat.
  • I'm a sophomore in school, by the way I changed my major to Psychology and I still have a 4.0 gpa
  • I have a baby!!!
  • I learn how to drive.
  • We bought our first house, I love this house so much.
  • I'm the YW president for the Tome branch.
  • I'm learning how to sew.
  • I memorize 30 phrases in French. ( i will like to be three lingual)
  • I got my first job ever as a supplemental instructor for Spanish 101,102, and 201 and I worked as a babysitter for Jacqueline Kane.
  • I'm almost done reading and studying the Book of Mormon in English for the first time.
  • My testimony of the gospel has grown so much,I don't have all the answers but one day I will.
  • I had the most beautiful pet in the world, Lola.
  • I did my genealogy up to four generations back.
  • I lost 10 more pounds, 20 more to go... my goal is weigh 135 pounds.
All this and I'm just 23 years old. I wonder what other things I will learn in the future.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Family Fun

These are a few pictures of us in one of our family dates. We went to the ABQ zoo, and it was pretty fun. Mario didn't know what was going on most of the time, but he had fun watching the little birds.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Son of the Moon

I love this song. I sing it to Mario everyday, I think is beautiful.

Hijo De La Luna

Son of the moon
Foolish is he who doesn't understand.

A legend tells of a gipsy woman
Who pleaded with the moon until dawn.
Weeping, she begged for a gipsy man
To marry the following day.

"You'll have your man, tawny skin,"
Said the full moon from the sky.
"But in return I want the first child
That you have with him.
Because she who sacrifices her child
So that she is not alone,
Isn't likely to love him very much."

Moon, you want to be mother,
But you cannot find a love
Who makes you a woman.
Tell me, silver moon,
What you intend to do
With a child of flesh.
A-ha-ha, a-ha-ha,
Son of the moon.

From a cinnamon-skinned father
A son was born,
White as the back of an ermine,
With grey eyes instead of olive --
Moon's albino child.
"Damn his appearance!
This is not a gipsy man's son
And I will not put up with that."


Believing to be dishonoured,
The gipsy went to his wife,
A knife in his hand.
"Whose son is this?
You've certainly fooled me!"
And he wounded her mortally.
Then he went to the woodlands
With the child in his arms
And left it behind there.


And the nights the moon is full
It is because the child
Is in a good mood.
And if the child cries,
The moon wanes
To make him a cradle.
And if the child cries,
The moon wanes
To make him a cradle.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

4 year anniversary


Has it already been four years? Today Jenny and I celebrated our four year (civil) anniversary and tomorrow we'll be celebrating our four year (temple) anniversary. We'll also be celebrating Jenny's first Mothers Day!

Today we went to the park and flew kites with Mario. I lost my kite in a tree... After the park, we went to the Belén music festival where we listened to some New Mexican music and watched the local elementary school kids dance traditional Mexican dances. It reminded us of the Dominican Mangulina dance. We had dinner at Harla Mays and bought some kettle corn and cotton candy at the festival. Then we came home and watched a movie.

Te amo Jenny! Gracias por los mejores cuatro años de mi vida! Espero que hayas disfrutado nuestro aniversario!

Unrelated note: Our user base at Track This Mix is getting bigger, and someone from Indiana has created a mixcd and left it somewhere for people to find! So someone who found the site by chance has signed up and contributed! Sweet!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

last day of classes

Today is my last day of classes! Next week I have finals, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

more Mario

We went for the second time to the park with Mario and he loved it. So here are a few pictures, because an image is worth more than a thousand words.

Mario playing with his shadow.

Mario is concentrating in taking Jared's glasses.

we love this butterfly