Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jenny Hobbs. DId you know ...

1. I was a cheerleader in High School.
2. I'm into politics.
3. I suffer from depression ( I haven't had any problems for a few months).
4. I can dance salsa, merengue, bachata.
5. I hate English composition.
6. I'm really bossy.
7.I love to nurse Mario, it makes me feel closer to him.
8. I love to eat hamburger Helper.
9. I have a addictive personality = I get hook up in things easily.
10. I used to buy cards and send it to myself when I was in high school. ( I know its lame but it helped my self-esteem)
11. I'm writing a few children books.
12. I love French culture, the language, the food.
13. I love to clean my floors.
14. My bathroom is always a mess.
15. I HATE WITH ALL MY HEART SHAVING MY LEGS. (One day I will get electrolysis in my whole body).(too much information?)
16. I loved my first job as a tutor for Spanish in a community college.
17. I hate flies. They make me nauseas.
18. I have Mummy feet. I don't take care of my feet. When I was pregnant somebody told me that my feet look like elephant mean.
19. I can't sleep without Mario.
20. I don't like working in groups. I like to fly solo.
21. I'm an awesome leader.
22. I'm good at math, and history.
23. I can bake really good and cook.
24. I'm really competitive. I Compared my self to other women, I hate it and I can't stop doing it.
25. I like to be the best at everything I try, if not I get frustrated.
26. I cry at least one at month in the shower.
27. I like to talk to loud.
30. I could never keep a boyfriend more than a few months.
31. Now I hate hot weather it makes me uncomfortable.
32. I hate long drives. I get so moody, I could bite your hear off.
33. I can't stand hypocrite people.
34. I'm my parents favorite child ( I guess).
35. I love to sing at loud. My voice is so horrible but I don't care.
36. I take 6 different vitamins everyday just for fun, because I like it.
37. I'm a coca cola addict but I have been a few weeks coke free.
38. I wear a huge hat, I hate sun spots. I spend all my money in lotions for the face to prevent sun damage and anti-aging stuff. Is crazy, I'm just 23 years.
39. I don't get jealous easily.
40. I read celebrities gossip sites everyday.
40.5 I don't wear make up, My skin can't breath.
41. I can't never keep a diet. My motto is " I will start tomorrow"
42. I don't take myself to seriously, it makes my life so much easier.