Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our tiny date.

Belen Library

Mario and I had a little date today. I love him so much, I have never experience this kind of love in my life. I feel that he is the light of my life and I just can't explained it. I hope I don't become one of those controlling mothers :( because is not cute at all.
We went to the library and read some baby books in Spanish. I really believe Mario understand me when I speak Spanish. Well, I have a fascination with weird hats. I wear them everywhere. People look at me because I wear them with confidence, alsoI like it because it protects my face from the sun and I don't get sun spots or premature wrinkles. I also posted some pictures on my website in which I tried to use make up but I look like a clown. I can't wear make up, I feel that my skin can't breath. Someone told Make up is for Ugly girls. What do you think?