Friday, April 11, 2008

My humble opinion

Lately I have been really offended by the media, and things I read. I just can't understand why do we have to say the F word all the time to express a feeling or just for the fun to say it?. I was watching a movie and the first five minutes the F word came out twenty time and it was PG-13. What is the problem with people now at days? I really enjoy speaking English because you have so many words to choose from to express a feeling. When I hear someone saying the F word I think that person is uneducated. When I moved here, I remember I was talking to Jessica and I say the word A** to refer to my butt, Jared just look at me horrible, I didn't know what was wrong until he explained to me. I thought that was a normal word that everyone use because it was in TV all the time. I don't want to offend anyone but I'm scared for my child because the world is getting worse and worse. People do not care what words they use and have so little moral boundaries, our society just TELL us that if we don't do certain things you are not a normal person, I used to enjoyed watching Desperate Housewives but that show is just about killing people, naked people, women cheating on their husbands, I think the show writers need new ideas... Another thing are tattoos, oh my gosh, everyone has a tattoo. I have to say when I was younger I thought that Tattoos were cool but I was so wrong;tattoos made people so common, like if is telling : I'm not special that is why I need a tattoo. It made me really sad, I just wish things were different. I have blocked so many people in my life because I don't want any bad influence for Mario, and I believe that if you teach your child right but they have bad friends or bad examples in their life, they won't do the right things. Just my opinion.