Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I hate mean dogs

I'm so angry. I went to the park with Mario and after walking there for 20 minutes I headed home. I couldn't leave the park because this HUGE brown dog almost bit me. I had to almost run to the park again, the dog belongs to some people who live in front of the park. I just can't believe that people will let their dogs out in the street like that, and worse in front of a park where children play. It was getting cold and Mario and I were not dressed appropriately. I called 411, later they transfered me to the police, the police called the animal control and after 4 phone calls the guy from the animal control came from Los Lunas (10 miles away) and gave me a ride home and promised to take care of that stupid dog. I waited for almost an hour, hopefully Mario won't get sick because if he gets sick those owners of the freaking dog will hear from me.

I feel so bad, I feel like I failed to protect my baby. I really just want to cry, just the thought of that dog trying to attack me and Mario scared me to death.