Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baby Shower

Hi Family and friends

Like everybody knows I'm pregnant and getting bigger by the second so I decided to post some pictures to show you how big I'm getting... fun! (please don't pay too much attention to my hair, it looks awful).
My friend Erin Morrison decided to throw me a baby shower before we moved to Belen, it was great. I was expecting an open house kind of thing, but she actually did an amazing, beautiful baby shower with games (bingo with the presents I received and predict how long your baby is going to take to be born) and tons of other stuff. The food was great and the people there were people that I really love and appreciate. It's really sad that we have to move to another ward, I have amazing friends and people who really care about Jared, little Mario and me.
I showed up 15 minutes late to my own baby shower! I thought that there were only going to be 5 people there, but surprise, everybody showed up!! It meant so much to me, I'm really going to miss sister Pacheco, she and I have this wonderful connection. She says that we were really good friends in the premortal life and that's why we love each other so much. She is so special to me.... I love her so much.
Everybody was nice and friendly, Ashley Aguilar, sister Reese, Nadia Richards, Becky, Emily, sister Mocho, sister Luke, Wanda, Erin, sister Marler, everyone... I love you guys and thank you for making this day special to me.