Sunday, April 23, 2006


On Friday we found 3 kittens in our shed! Later that day I found one more. Since they're so small they can't be more than a couple weeks old so they probably still need there mom. Once weaned, we'll be giving these guys away. Here're some pics:

Here's the angry mom cat:

Friday, April 14, 2006

Hobbs FTP contents

For those without accounts to the Hobbs Web Server and because Dan wanted to know what was on it, here's a link to browse the contents of the FTP server. Only those with accounts can download. Account holders also have access to our photos, mp3s and videos.

If you guys haven't noticed, I've been playing around with Python a lot lately especially with the cgi scripts. I'm still learning and having fun in the process!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Updated photos at Hobbs Web Server

For those with accounts: I just finished organizing the photos located at the web server. The most recent photos (2006) have semi-descriptive folder names. The rest of the photos (2000-2005) are still in there old folders with only the date the photos were taken.

For those without accounts but that would like access to all our photos, fill out an account request here. An account will give you access to the Hobbs Web server as well as our FTP server.

Elders quorum hike

This morning I went on a hike with the elders quorum in our ward. I also took the two webelos to pass off an Arrow of Light requirement. We went up the Embudo Canyon trail for 2 hours then headed back. The webelos and I jogged the last mile. We had ice cream sandwiches afterwards. Now I'm really tired and slightly sunburned. Here're some pics:

My First Tennis Class, and I Sucked

Hi everybody. Today I had my first day at work in officemax. Training is so boring, but at least they pay it, so it's okay.
After that I went to the cheesecake factory to buy a little reward for me, a strawberry cheesecake, did I mention that I love cheesecake? Well, I do love cheesecake so much.
After that we went for lunch-dinner, I was so full and still I need to go to my tennis class. I was the worst player of my group, really I was the worst player! Jared took a few pictures to show me what I was doing wrong, like no bending my knees, or keeping my wrist straight. It's okay to fail the first class, but next week I am going to be the best player, you'll see.
These are the pictures of my horrible first class. I bet the teacher was thinking that I was a punishment for him from God.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hobbs Web Server

Well, I update the web server with a new form to request an account. The Hobbs web server has access to our photos, music, videos, and file share and if you want access to it, you'll need to request an account. By filling out the form here, you'll send a request for an account. If we approve your request, you'll be sent an email verifying your account status. Members with an account can download content at the server here.

Monday, April 03, 2006

april 03,2006

hey! hola a todos, tengo un tiempo que no escribo porque no he tenido tiempo con la universidad, pero si he escrito en el blog de la familia. Ya estoy acabando este semestre, finalmente!
Tambien mis clases de tennis comienzan el dia 8 de abril!, estoy tan emocionada por tomar tennis. Este verano no voy a tomar clases en la universidad, me ofrecieron un trabajo como tutora de espanol 102 y el jueves pasado me llamo David, el manager de officemax y me ofrecio un part-time alli. Interesante, no creen?
Yo nunca he trabajado, esto va a ser mi primer empleo. Vamos a ver si me gusta porque sino, renuncio.
Gracias al servicio que Jared consiguio para mi, ahora puedo hablar con mi familias las veces que quiera y me encanta. Tambien consegui un salon que arregla mi pelo de la manera en que lo hacen en Sto Dgo, claro me cobran 60 dollares por alisar mi cabello, pero yo encuentro que eso es una muy buena oferta. La ultima vez que me arregle el pelo aqui fui a style america y me cobraron 100 dollares, mas 10 dolares que tuve que dejar de propina. I know, muchisimo dinero!.
Jared y yo adoramos un show My name is earl! diane, yo si me rio, mi personaje preferido es Crab man, ese tipo ta totao de su cabeza! Don't you thinks he is SO hot?

Translation to People Who Do Not speak spanish

Warning: Maybe my english sucks!, so If you read it, it is under your own risk.
My tennis class is going to start on april 8, one hour for six weeks. I'm so excited about it, whohooo!(yeah, that whohooo, doesn't sound like me.) In three weeks i finish this semester, Finally!.
In summer I'm not going to take classes, but still I am going to work as a spanish102 tutor. A few days ago David, a manager of Office Max called me to set up an interview for a part-time job; i went over there and they just loved me, who doesn't?
I'M JUST JOKING. Well, Now I have to take a drug test, for sure I am going to pass it, they won't pay me a lot of money but It's still cool. I always have the chance of quitting if i don't like it.
Can you guys believe that I'm 21 years old and this is going to be my first job ever? I mean for real.
The other day at TVI I saw this african american girl with the most beautiful hair that I've ever seen. She gave me the address and phone number of her beauty salon, I called them and the owner( his name is PJ) was so nice, and they are just going to charge me 60 dollars to relax my hair. That is so cool and cheap, in other beauty salons they usually charge me 100 dollars plus 10 of tip. I know that is a lot of money but if I dont do it my hair is going to look like crab man. You see the picture?
By the way My name is earl, American next top model are my favorite shows. I know they are crappy shows, but I like it anyway.