Saturday, April 08, 2006

My First Tennis Class, and I Sucked

Hi everybody. Today I had my first day at work in officemax. Training is so boring, but at least they pay it, so it's okay.
After that I went to the cheesecake factory to buy a little reward for me, a strawberry cheesecake, did I mention that I love cheesecake? Well, I do love cheesecake so much.
After that we went for lunch-dinner, I was so full and still I need to go to my tennis class. I was the worst player of my group, really I was the worst player! Jared took a few pictures to show me what I was doing wrong, like no bending my knees, or keeping my wrist straight. It's okay to fail the first class, but next week I am going to be the best player, you'll see.
These are the pictures of my horrible first class. I bet the teacher was thinking that I was a punishment for him from God.